Vector graphic of websites showing up on search engine results

Did you know that, according to BrightEdge, “SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media?” or that only “0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page”? Ranking organically on search engines is a great way to get your name out there to your target audience without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, but it may be difficult to figure out how or where to start with your Houston SEO strategy. In this article, our Houston marketing team offers insight on how to prepare your website to be found on Google so you can kickstart your SEO rank.

Think Of Houston SEO As Wine

Many business owners mistakenly believe that once their website is published, millions of people will find it the second it launches. In reality, once your Houston website design has been finalized and your website has been published, it must first be crawled and indexed by bots for it to even exist in Google’s database–or any search engine database, for that matter. Once your new website has been indexed, it will reside towards the END of search results, simply because it's too new.

You don't need a 100% completed website for SEO to work. In fact, we recommend launching your website when the Houston web design is satisfactory and the basic, most important content is ready to be published so your site has time to "age". As it ages, your website will become more searchable.

Seek A Houston Marketing Agency’s Help With Your Web Design Needs

Today, a good website entails a lot more than it used to. As a business owner, you need to focus on running your business and working with customers, so designing an impactful website from scratch may be on the back burner. However, if you outsource your Houston website design to an expert like INFINI, we can ensure that if you dream it, we build it.

INFINI Follows A Mobile-First Approach to Web Design

The layout of your website plays a vital role in whether or not your business will succeed in search engines, and since most search takes place on a smartphone, your website must cater to this. Following a mobile-first approach means we prioritize making your web design look good on mobile before we adjust it for desktop/tablet. We implement the following:

  • Vertical scrolling
  • Mobile-friendly imagery with alt text
  • Speak to two kinds of audiences
    • Visual skimmers who prefer images and summaries
    • Detail-oriented visitors who read every last word

Houston SEO Tags Will Separate You From Your Competitors

In addition to elevating your Houston website design, we also strategically place tags within your website to make it easier for bots to find your site every time you update it. We achieve this by placing metadata (meta tags and meta descriptions) on every page and integrating a sitemap file unique to your website. When you're ready to further the success of your website with regular blogs, these tags will prove useful.

When INFINI Designs Your Website, We Set It Up For Houston SEO Success

If you’re ready to have a new website represent your brand and for it to rank well on search engines, please contact us so we can help you expand your business through SEO-ready web design and expertly written content. We look forward to highlighting the best your business has to offer!