As more and more consumers continue to make their purchases online or visit businesses through websites and social media outlets, the use of video production has become vastly more important to increase traffic, sales, and revenue.

Simply having videos, however, isn’t enough. In fact, videos, if low quality, could possibly decrease your traffic and negatively affect your business’s reputation. High quality should be the standard just like any other aspect of your business. The quality of your videos will directly represent your business, which is why it plays a major role in your marketing and advertising efforts.

How Video Production Impacts Business

Over the past few years, video production has continued to increase dramatically. According to YouTube, video consumption continues to increase annually by 100%. Studies have found that more than 60% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video, and quality video production can increase purchase intent by nearly 100% and could build your brand’s recognition by almost 150%. It is inescapable that quality video production can greatly boost your company’s ability to create more traffic, convince potential customers to make a purchase, and expand your brand awareness.

Tying your Houston video production to your social media efforts has become one of the best ways, if not the best way to spread your company’s message or launch your marketing campaigns. Visual content is 40% more likely to be shared by your social media followers than content without visuals. You don’t want your customers to stop at being customers. You want them to be your brand and product representatives. Therefore, providing them with something to share and something worth sharing is pivotal to increase your brand’s awareness.

When You Should Start Using Video Production

According to one study, by 2019 video marketing will increase to 80% of all internet traffic. The use of our Houston video production in marketing efforts will continue to grow, but with this constant growth, the only way to separate your business from the competition is to ensure that your company utilizes high quality video production. Don’t allow your marketing campaigns to get lost in the massive mix of video production, whether those are viral videos or commercials.

At INFINI Marketing, our creative Houston marketing team will help your business create and produce great videos that are true to your industry and your company’s identity. We will provide valuable information on why certain video methods work for some companies, but don’t work for others. Every visual used for marketing and advertising purposes we create will always coincide with your brand recognition efforts. Brand awareness marketing requires constant work. For this reason, utilizing methods that acquire the most views and interaction will bring the highest return on your investment. Our team understands the power of quality video production and we are ready to help your business compete at a higher level.