Using Joomla for Houston web design

Joomla is a widely used content management system (CMS) that incorporates several features and practices to ensure more secure Houston web design. These elements help in mitigating risks and protecting businesses from common vulnerabilities and attacks. INFINI Marketing is a master Houston Joomla developer that prioritizes our clients’ security. Let’s delve into how Joomla allows for the creation of more websites as part of our Houston marketing services.

Regular Updates and Security Patches

Joomla has a strong track record of releasing regular updates that address security vulnerabilities and enhance the system's overall security. The Joomla Security Strike Team (JSST) is proactive in identifying and fixing security issues, ensuring that patches are released promptly. Our Houston marketing agency takes your protection seriously, whatever industry you are in.

Advanced Access Control Levels (ACL)

Using Joomla in Houston web design means access to a highly configurable control system. This allows our site administrators to define permissions for different user groups at granular levels. Our Houston digital marketing team helps minimize risks by ensuring that users have only the access they need to perform their roles. By limiting access based on necessity, the risk of accidental or malicious changes to the site is significantly reduced.

Password Protection Features

To add an extra layer of security beyond just a username and password, Joomla supports two-factor authentication. This feature makes it much harder for attackers to gain unauthorized access, even if they manage to obtain a user's password. Joomla also uses bcrypt for hashing passwords, which is a robust method that adds a layer of security for stored passwords. Bcrypt ensures that passwords are kept secure and resistant to attacks. 

Extensive Security Extensions

The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) offers a wide range of security extensions that can be used to enhance the security of our clients’ sites. Our Houston web design team uses these extensions for firewalls, scanning for vulnerabilities, backups, and security audits. Joomla allows administrators to tailor the security setup to their specific needs.

Active Community Support

Another reason why Joomla is a more secure CMS is because of active community participation. Users and developers often share security tips, report vulnerabilities, and contribute to the CMS's security practices. This collective vigilance helps in maintaining a secure environment for all Joomla users. The commitment of Joomla developers to maintain security best practices is one of its many perks.

Keep Your Site Secure With Our Houston Web Design Services

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