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A Look at Pangea Financial Group


Rated Independent Broker in the United States

7 Million

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$1 Trillion

in Client Assets Expertly Brokered and Managed

Empowering Financial Freedom Through Pangea

Pangea is an independent financial services and consulting firm with headquarters in Texas and Florida. Pangea aims to empower individuals to live a financially sound life through financial instruments and services it provides. To this end, Pangea reached out to INFINI Marketing to broaden its reach by adopting a brand-first approach to digital marketing built on its stellar reputation.

Services Provided: Branding, Website Design, Graphic Design, Local SEO, Blogs

All About Pangea Financial Group

Surfacing Pangea’s Brand Identity

The first step in Pangea’s journey to optimized digital marketing was to meet with our team to discuss their brand identity. They had a clear grasp of their identity all along, but fell short on expressing it in a way that it is relatable to their target audience. This is where INFINI’s expertise came in handy. We had an in-depth conversation about their story and their values and together figured out that their reason for being is to empower people by obtaining a financially sound life.

This can be achieved through their methodology of holistic analysis of finances, eliminating uncertainty, and cultivating lifelong trust. With a clear brand established, Pangea can now fully implement the full suite of INFINI Marketing’s brand-first approach to digital marketing.

Complete Website for a Comprehensive Insurance Company

Pangea’s financial products and expert consulting services cater to both businesses’ and individuals’ needs. This duality is reflected in their website and other marketing materials, such as their pull-up banner. Pangea Financial Group’s website is designed to be direct, professional, and streamlined, fully representing the way they handle their clients’ accounts.

It clearly outlines the values and brand identity we have distilled during the branding meeting and quickly transitions to discuss the financial products and services they offer. Truly, Pangea’s website exudes professionalism, straightforwardness, and reliability.

On-Brand Graphic Design

Pangea commissioned our veteran graphic design team to produce collateral for their team. In addition to expertly-designed professional business cards, our graphic design team also generated an on-brand graphic layout for Pangea’s roll up banner. Roll-up banners are highly versatile and mobile graphic collaterals that are easy to deploy for in-office use or events on the road.

As part of this service, we recommended the best material from the best printing company and ensured timely delivery of their banner for future events.

Branded Blogging

Most of the time you run a Google search, blog posts appear as the answer to your query. To stand out, we incorporate Pangea’s professional branding into all of our blogs. This ensures they are unique, valuable, and that their brand strengthens with subsequent postings. All of their blog posts are also shared to social media, which can boost traffic to their website and contribute to their SEO ranking.

Expanding Pangea’s Reach with Local SEO

Local SEO complements INFINI Marketing’s brand-first approach to Houston digital marketing well, especially for partners like Pangea Financial Group, whose potential clients put primacy on finding a reliable financial products and services provider that they can trust. INFINI Marketing’s Local SEO efforts follow a multiple-pronged approach through the following:

  • Optimized Google My Business Account
  • Consistent Listings Across Business Directories
  • Local Keyword Research
  • On-point on-page SEO
  • SEO Blogging
  • Disavowing Toxic Backlinks
  • Strong Local Link Building

Empower Your Livelihood with Pangea

INFINI Marketing is a proud partner in its collaboration with Pangea Financial Group, a professional provider of financial products and services that empowers people to live a life of financial freedom. We believe that extending our Houston digital marketing services to Pangea Financial Group is a huge step towards providing quality financial instruments and knowledge to the community.

To INFINI And Beyond

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