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Maid U Shine is a family-owned cleaning company in Houston that offers eco-friendly and customizable cleaning packages. With their commitment to quality control and long-term relationships, they’ve been the go-to cleaning service in their local area. They sought the help of our Houston marketing team to further expand their brand and reach a broader market. INFINI Marketing crafted a branding strategy that included website design backed by a Google Ads campaign.

Services Provided: Branding, Website Design, Logo Design, Google Ads

ALL ABOUT Maid U Shine

Establishing Trust Through Brand Identity

To stand out from their competitors, Maid U Shine needed a clear brand identity that would resonate with residential and commercial clients in need of reliable, green cleaning services. We focused on how Maid U Shine can enhance lives, making people’s days shine brighter. We highlighted their three USPs: building trust, enforcing quality control, and fostering long-term relationships. This branding captured their commitment to making a significant impact on their community.

Designing a Clean Website to Reflect Their Brand

To complement their brand, Maid U Shine needed a clean-looking, professional website that made clients feel relaxed and welcomed. Our Houston website design team used shades of green and blue, a color palette perfect for a cleaning service. We also created a simple yet attention-grabbing logo that reflected their dedication to making homes shine brighter. All of our branding and design efforts were summarized into a brand book, serving as a comprehensive guide for future brand optimization.

Reaching and Improving More Lives Through Google Ads

Aside from our website design and branding efforts, our Houston marketing team launched a Google Ads campaign to increase Maid U Shine’s reach and generate leads. Our Google Ads campaign offered immediate visibility, driving our client’s website to the top of search engines. We monitored progress through conversation rates and market impressions, which showed high-ranking results.

Making an Impact, One Successful Cleaning Job at a Time

Maid U Shine is passionate about improving the lives of people in their community through top-quality, dependable cleaning solutions. Their values of honesty, loyalty, and integrity have made them a trustworthy name in Houston. It was a fulfilling experience for INFINI Marketing to be part of their mission of impacting lives by making homes and offices shine brighter.

To INFINI and Beyond

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