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$15 million

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The Voice for Those Who Need a Fighting Chance

Joaquin Jimenez is a personal injury lawyer and criminal defense attorney based in Houston that is the voice of those who need a fighting chance. Known as a zealous defender of people who have sustained personal injury as well as people who have been charged from misdemeanors up to felonies, Joaquin Jimenez has maintained a reputation as an advocate for the oppressed, upholding the values of open mindedness, compassion, and achieving positive outcomes for his clients.

Joaquin Jimenez collaborated with INFINI Marketing so that he can reach out to more people in need of competent lawyering services by adopting a brand-first approach to digital marketing that will make the most out of his reputation as a reliable legal defender.

Services Provided: Branding, Website Design, Translation, Google Ads, Local SEO, SEO (Blogging)

Just Representation Through Joaquin Jimenez

Getting to Know Joaquin Jimenez

Following INFINI Marketing’s brand-first approach to digital marketing, Joaquin Jimenez met with us to craft his digital brand. As an expert practitioner of Texas law, with specific focus on Houston personal injury litigation and criminal defense, Joaquin Jimenez had a strong understanding of the principles guiding his practice. However, he struggled to articulate how these translated into a cohesive brand identity.

This is where INFINI’s expertise came in. By bouncing ideas off each other, the collaboration arrived at the precise combination of words and phrases that not only represents Joaquin Jimenez’s practice but resonates with his potential customers as well. With a clear brand established, Joaquin Jimenez can now fully utilize the full range of INFINI’s digital marketing strategies.

Reassuring and Accessible Website Development

Joaquin Jimenez recognizes that getting injured in an accident or fighting a criminal case is a stressful and frightening ordeal. This is why his website is designed to reassure visitors that they can quickly schedule an appointment or reach out to Joaquin Jimenez. From the top panel up to the bottom panel, his phone number and appointment setter can be easily accessed with one click, in both mobile and desktop.

Website Translation for Spanish-Speaking Clients

As a native Spanish speaker based in Houston, Joaquin Jimenez knows that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in Texas, second only to English. Joaquin wanted to specifically reach Spanish-speaking clients who need legal representation but may be having difficulties due to the language barrier. This is why he utilized our translation services done by native speakers, ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive translations.

Reaching Out to Those in Need with Local SEO

Local SEO lends itself well to INFINI Marketing’s brand-first approach to Joaquin Jimenez’s marketing strategy, since his potential clients prefer a local legal services provider. INFINI Marketing’s Local SEO efforts follow a multiple-pronged approach through the following:

  • Optimized Google My Business Account
  • Consistent Listings Across Business Directories
  • Local Keyword Research
  • On-point on-page SEO
  • SEO Blogging
  • Local Link Building

Efficient Google Ads Management

Utilizing Google Ads proves highly efficient in lead generation, often requiring less time to yield results compared to an SEO approach. INFNI’s strategy involves allocating the Google Ads budget across various campaigns, meticulously selecting competitive keywords, and closely monitoring performance, with regular optimization efforts.

Following this approach, in combination with an optimized website, and a robust local SEO campaign, we've successfully generated a stream of highly qualified leads for Joaquin Jimenez.

To INFINI And Beyond

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