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Vibrant Pools AZ

Vibrant Pools AZ


Vibrant Pools AZ is a pool cleaning and maintenance company serving the greater Scottsdale, Arizona area. The company was recently acquired by new owners and their goal was to rebrand the company in order to relate better with their clients so they could generate more leads. To help them achieve this, we crafted a new brand image and adjusted their website design to reflect it.


Before Vibrant Pools reached out to INFINI, their website clearly stated what services they offer, but unfortunately, there wasn’t much for humans to connect with. As we say time and time again, more leads will convert when they resonate with your brand. The best way to encourage resonance is by showing the emotion behind your brand i.e., your WHY. We discussed why the new owners wanted to offer pool cleaning and maintenance and came to the conclusion that they want residential and commercial pool owners to reignite their joy in owning a pool so that families and friends can make some everlasting memories. With this in mind, we crafted a more honest and emotional brand message that their target audience can relate to, which encourages more leads that are inclined to convert.

Website Design

Following Vibrant Pools AZ’s new branding strategy, we had to make some design changes to their website–particularly on their homepage. At INFINI, we design our clients’ homepages thoughtfully and intentionally. A good homepage offers information, but a GREAT homepage is one that takes it a step further by offering just enough information to encourage more visitor action. Together with Vibrant Pools we thought of 3 Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s) that fall in line with their new brand message. Each of these USP’s tied in with their services and featured clear calls to action that lead visitors to learn even more about the company. The rest of their website design was adjusted to match the new homepage with visually appealing animations and vibrant imagery.

With a fresh brand and an engaging website to match, Vibrant Pools is ready to successfully show their target market why they are the best choice for Scottsdale’s pool cleaning and maintenance needs by connecting with their target audience on a deeper, more personal level. After all, customers are human and so are the people that make up a business.


Vibrant Pools AZ


December 18, 2022


Branding, Website Design