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Vecino Homes

Vecino Homes


Vecino Homes is a local real estate developer based in Houston’s historic East End. Their team conceptualizes and builds communities in the area, specializing in revitalizing old and run-down family-size homes. In order to help more Houstonians’ dreams of homeownership come true, we helped them develop stronger branding and a modern website to match. 

Developing A Strong Brand Identity And Message

Vecino Homes already had some impressive projects, but they needed an impactful and memorable brand that could be associated with them. To do so, we discussed with them how they started, why they do what they do, and what they hope to accomplish. In our discussions, we all came up with three major selling points for them, which would serve as the main reasons why their target market should buy from them as opposed to the competition. The three selling points we decided to focus on were Local Developer, Care-free Homes, and Custom touches. These would serve as the main focus points of their marketing strategy.

Modern Houston Website Design For A Modern Company

Once we agreed on the three Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s), we began working on their new, modern website. Their team wanted a website that would showcase their work and highlight what makes Houston’s East Downtown such a historic and lively place to live in. To ensure their vision came to fruition, we created a page for their For Sale listings, each of which was ready for photos to be added as needed. This way visitors looking to become homeowners could easily see their options. We also created a page for their Sold homes so visitors could see the type of work they have done in the past. Vecino Homes is proud to revitalize its community and invite more people to join it, so having a page with all the amenities that Houston’s East End (also known as our Cultural District) offers, such as bars and restaurants, fitness, entertainment, and attractions was important. Together we developed a robust list of all the things that make their community great to live in. We also made sure that all facets of their website would be attractive and easy to navigate on a desktop view, as well as on mobile and tablet views. This way, no matter what device their target market was browsing on, they would be able to resonate with Vecino’s story and mission.

With a brand message and image, as well as a modern and informative website, Vecino Homes is able to help their Vecinos (Neighbors) embark on their new lives in their new homes in a way that is affordable and provides a wonderful, welcoming living experience.


Vecino Homes


December 19, 2022


Branding, Website Design