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Teksys Inc

Teksys Inc


Teksys Inc. provides other companies with customized security solutions in order to provide them and their customer base with valuable peace of mind. Teksys sought our help with brand new website design and branding in order to make their business easier to understand so they could generate more, highly-qualified leads.

Revamping Teksys’s Houston Website Design

Before becoming a client of INFINI Marketing, Teksys already had a website that offered great detail about their different services, but they felt like their website wasn’t user-friendly enough for visitors to want to learn more because they were stuck on how to organize their content.

In addition to creating a more visually appealing website complete with photos and video, we re-designed it by following a mobile-first Houston web design approach. This way, their website would be flawless on mobile while also functioning seamlessly and just as beautifully on other devices.

As for organizing their existing content, we worked together to understand how their different services related to one another and grouped them accordingly on their navigation bar. Now, potential clients could click on exactly what they wanted to inquire about with ease.

Clearer Branding Is A Must-Have With Houston Web Design

Branding plays a critical role in our website design services, as it is the heart of the entire website. By implementing a branding strategy, their website would have a clearer central message that would be easier to understand and resonate with. 

At our Houston marketing company, we utilize the homepage as the component responsible for storytelling and setting the tone for the rest of the website and, consequently, the rest of the marketing strategy as well.

In our initial branding meeting, we took the time to gain an understanding of their purpose, passion, and unique selling propositions. We then used this information to create a stellar homepage design that immediately gives visitors the “big idea” and connects with them on an emotional level. We also ensured that detail-oriented visitors would be able to easily learn more about the company and its services.

Teksys Is Prepared To Reach An Even Wider Audience As Their Business Expands

Fueled by their passion for helping others, the modernized website we designed for Teksys has given them the opportunity to reach a wider audience they are eager to help grant peace of mind to. Today, the team at Teksys is prepared to continue reaching a greater portion of their target audience and expand on their marketing strategy as their business grows.


Teksys Inc


December 19, 2022


Branding, Website Design