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Sacred Oak Medical Center

Sacred Oak Medical Center


Sacred Oak is a medical center focusing on the challenges adults may encounter with chemical dependency and mental illness. Our shared goal and vision was to strengthen their brand and make them more visible so they can change the way adult mental illness and chemical dependency are viewed by the community.

Although Sacred Oak had been established before we worked with them, their brand needed a more engaging story, so we focused on the emotional aspects behind their mission and vision. After gaining a better understanding of their story, we focused on crafting a message of hope and positivity for adults who need help living a healthier life, free from the burden of their depression, migraine pain, and addiction.

Once we determined the message they wanted to convey, we built a website that served as a vehicle to spread the message. We incorporated photos and videos of happy, healthy adults, as well as some minor animations to make the website more engaging. We also utilized the space to provide brief descriptions of their inpatient and outpatient programs, which, when clicked, would take the visitor to another page that offered more detailed information. Because the website also reflects their brand, we made sure the user experience was modern in that it was smooth, intuitive, and mobile-friendly.

Lastly, because they wanted their brand to be more visible to adults who could benefit from their programs, we developed an SEO and Google Ads strategy. We fully optimized their website to rank for well-searched, highly-competitive keywords, and we take it a step further by writing two articles a month. Doing so helps their website stay relevant to search engines, allowing them to rank better over time. As for their Google Ads, we developed striking, visual, and informative landing pages, which encourage new visitors to click around and learn more. Much like with their organic SEO, we ensure their ads are triggered by highly competitive keywords that their ideal customer is searching for.

The culmination of all of these efforts has successfully strengthened Sacred Oak Medical Center’s brand, helping their team change the narrative surrounding adults suffering from mental illness and addiction.


Sacred Oak Medical Center


December 18, 2022


Branding, Google Ads, SEO, Website Design