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Rejuvenate Dentistry

Rejuvenate Dentistry


Rejuvenate Dentistry is a general dentist serving families in Richmond, Texas. As a newly established practice for a well-established dentist, Rejuvenate Dentistry wanted to emphasize getting new patients, so our Houston marketing agency has helped them achieve this with strong branding, modern website design, and Google Ads.

Small Business Branding Strategy

An effective marketing strategy begins with a strong, consistent branding strategy. When you entrust your marketing strategy to INFINI, we take the time to get to know your story and what drives you as a business owner. For Rejuvenate Dentistry, we helped brand them as a dentist office that refreshes patients’ views on what high-quality dentistry is. From then on, the entirety of their marketing strategy would reflect this brand identity and message, which would ensure that they would attract potential leads that resonated with their brand. 

Houston Dental Website Design

Website design is a critical component of any Houston digital marketing strategy, and dental marketing is no exception. Rejuvenate Dentistry’s homepage showcased their branding message and offered ease of use on all screen sizes, fast loading times, and communication to two different audiences–those who prefer the big picture idea, as well as those who are more detail-oriented. All of these features aid in their Houston SEO rank and also encourage a better conversion rate.

Google Ads For Dental Practices

To maximize their audience, Rejuvenate Dentistry also opted to invest in Google Ads. When implementing their Google Ads campaign, we thoroughly researched the most competitive keywords and wrote custom copy that would encourage those searching for family or pediatric dentists in Richmond to click their ad and book an appointment. We also created advertisements for their various services and specials so we could capture as many leads as possible. When it comes to Google Ads, we create multiple campaigns, analyze them, and evaluate what works and what doesn’t. This way, we can constantly optimize our clients’ ads.

Our Houston Marketing Company Has Helped Rejuvenate Dentistry Meet And Care For Countless Patients

As a new family dentist office in Richmond, Texas, the team at Rejuvenate Dentistry is determined to generate qualified leads and eager to greet new patients. With a branding strategy that establishes their identity while also building an emotional connection with their audience, expert Houston web design, and optimized Google Ads, Rejuvenate Dentistry is well on its way to helping countless families refresh their views on passionate, top-quality dental care.


Rejuvenate Dentistry


December 16, 2022


Branding, Google Ads, Website Design