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Pure ReLeaf

Pure ReLeaf


As a brand new business, Pure Releaf wanted to make sure they had a strong brand that their target audience could easily resonate with and find when completing an online search for CBD oils and products. In order to help them start off strong, we helped develop their brand story and image, designed their website, built their e-commerce site, and manage their SEO.

Before we could get to work on their website, our team wanted to learn more about who they are and what made them stand out against other CBD companies. After learning more about them, we were able to establish three Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s). These USP’s serve as the main characteristics that encourage the prospect to become a customer, so it’s crucial that they be straight to the point and convincing. 

Once we developed their selling points, we designed a website that would honor their new-found brand messaging and serve as the perfect representation of all that Pure ReLeaf stands for and has to offer. By incorporating video, images, testimonials, the benefits of their products, and lab results, their website became more engaging, thus encouraging more conversions. 

After the website was completed, we shifted focus to their E-Commerce store so Texans could buy their different CBD products, such as oils, vape pens, bath products, and more. Their online store is complete with customer profiles, product ratings, a shopping cart, and detailed product descriptions so that customers can more easily decide which products meet their needs. We also made the website completely mobile and tablet-friendly so that the website is stunning, functional, and user-friendly, no matter what device their customers and leads are utilizing.

The final component we implemented on this project was SEO management. This was crucial because they were in need of high-quality SEO in order for their target market to find them in the first place. To do this, we optimized their website by incorporating competitive, searchable keywords throughout that were unique enough to be relevant to them without being too unique that no one would search for them. In addition to using keywords across the website, we also created a CBD News page in which they write articles about CBD and how people may benefit from using it.

By offering a new brand a stunning website with a user-friendly online shop and an informative blog, while also making it searchable, we have helped Pure ReLeaf make history. Today they are the first-ever e-commerce CBD company in Texas and they offer products that help make a positive impact on their customers.


Pure ReLeaf


December 18, 2022


Branding, Ecommerce, SEO, Website Design