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Primary Computer Service

Primary Computer Service


Primary Computer Service is dedicated to helping companies boost their efficiency and ROI by serving as a trusted source for maintaining and protecting their computers. Having worked on more than 30,000 computers and envisioning more for the business, the team at Primary Computer Service sought our Houston marketing agency’s help with modernizing their website to meet today’s consumer needs.

Website Migration With Modernized And Conversion-Optimized Houston Web Design

The team at Primary Computer Service cared most about cleaning up their web design so it would become easier to browse across different screen sizes and help their business become more competitive in the industry. 

We began with a website migration, which means we transferred his website to our enterprise-level platform and reformatted it so all of the content would fit on various screen sizes. We took this time to also design a new homepage that highlighted three value propositions that visitors would consider when deciding which company’s services to use.

Further, we shifted the structure of communication so that visitors who like to get the big idea right away would understand what the company does at a glance. Meanwhile, detail-oriented visitors would have easy access to learning more about the company and its services.

Mobile-First Houston Web Design

When it comes to Google and SEO in general, mobile-friendliness is a critical factor that the algorithms take into account when ranking different websites, especially now that a majority of searches are done on smartphones. Anytime our Houston digital marketing agency takes on a Houston web design project, we follow a mobile-first approach, which means we prioritize how the website looks and functions on mobile-size screens. Once we are pleased with the mobile design, we adapt it as needed to fit other screen sizes, such as desktop and tablet.

Primary Computer Service Has Become The Go-To Computer Expert For Various Companies

In today’s working world, most people experience issues with technology, but it can be difficult to find the right company to fix these issues. With Primary Computer’s conversion-optimized website, their passion, and decades of experience, they have generated more leads and are proud to assist every one of them.


Primary Computer Service


December 19, 2022


Website Migration