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OneSelfClub is a comprehensive accounting solution for small businesses. They not only offer bookkeeping services, but they also educate business owners in such a way that helps them better understand their financial position and ongoing performance. To enable OneSelfClub to help more business owners, INFINI Marketing offered website migration, branding, and web design services. 

This project was originally going to be a simple website migration in which we just move their website over to our platform and make a few, straightforward tweaks to the format to ensure it functions well. However, during our conversation with the OneSelfClub team, we learned that their story and their business goals were very intriguing and needed to be heard and seen, so they would also need some help branding themselves appropriately. We dove into their background and decided on three unique selling points (USP’s) to highlight on their homepage: Proven Methodology, State-of-the-art and User-Friendly Technology, and a Qualified Team that educates business owners. We adjusted their old website’s content to reflect their new USP’s so their website would have clear messaging all across. By enforcing clear messaging, business owners in need of accounting help would better understand what OneSelfClub offers.

Once we migrated their website and revised their existing content, it was time to provide expert Houston web design to finish it off. We utilized high-quality images, some animation, and also incorporated video and a blog. All of these design aspects made their website modern and more engaging so visitors would be inclined to explore their website more. In addition to the aesthetics, we ensured their website showcased all of these details on tablet and mobile devices as well so that no matter what device business owners are browsing on, they have a positive experience on OneSelfClub’s website. A website that performs well on all devices tends to have a better Houston SEO ranking, which means more business owners seeking help in understanding their numbers will find them.

With a modernized website that looks brighter and functions well on our platform and on multiple screen sizes, OneSelfClub is able to seamlessly update it with monthly blogs, gradually improving its Houston SEO ranking and reaching more business owners and keeping them engaged for longer. Today, OneSelfClub continues to receive more subscribers and help them not only learn their business’s numbers, but also define them.




December 19, 2022


Branding, SEO, Website Design, Website Migration