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HART Fertility Clinic

HART Fertility Clinic


HART Fertility Clinic was formerly known as The North Houston Center for Reproductive Medicine (NHCRM). They were in need of a stronger brand that would yield more loyalty and advocacy. In order to achieve this, we helped re-brand them, designed a new website, executed SEO and Google Ads, and aided them in reputation management.

First and foremost, we needed to strengthen their brand, and that started with their name. Although North Houston Center for Reproductive Medicine was certainly professional and told their audience what they do, it was rather long and hard to remember. After a brainstorming session, we thought of HART, which stands for Houston Assisted Reproductive Technologies. This new name captured the fact that they use state-of-the-art medical technology to improve couples’ chances of getting pregnant and delivering healthy babies. Afterward, we focused on understanding their purpose in order to share their brand story and why couples seeking fertility treatment should go to them. 

Once their branding message was established, they entrusted us to design and develop a new website that would reflect their brand identity and show off the best they have to offer. We designed a vibrant, educative website, complete with images and videos. Visitors are able to learn about all the services they offer so they have some background knowledge on infertility treatments before making an appointment. To further strengthen their brand, we fully optimized the website for mobile and tablet views, enhancing their modernness and creating a positive experience for potential patients. 

Focusing on SEO was the next step in our work for HART. In addition to utilizing competitive, searchable keywords across the website content, we also created an informative fertility blog. We publish blogs twice a month that offer insight on fertility health, but their own staff also writes informative blog posts that we publish for them. A regularly updated blog helps them rank highly on Google, thus bringing in more patients.

In addition to their SEO efforts, which boost their organic search results, we also incorporate paid ads through Google Ads to further increase their reach. We plan and execute informative ads that drive traffic and increase their conversions.

In order to keep strengthening their brand, we have also managed their reputation by acknowledging and responding to any patient concerns that may arise. All of the different components of their marketing strategy has made them an industry leader and the top choice for couples seeking fertility treatments and therapies.


HART Fertility Clinic


July 22, 2022


Branding, Google Ads, Reputation Management, SEO, Website Design