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FU Belly

FU Belly


Fu Belly is a Houston restaurant that was once known by a completely different name and atmosphere. The team at Fu Belly was ready for a modern concept, so we gave them a complete makeover with all new e-commerce web design, brand new graphics, photography, and reputation management. We even assisted in making certain the interior design matched the new vision.

E-Commerce Web Design

With a new vision in mind, we had to design a website that would reflect it. Our Houston website design team created a stunning, vibrant, and easy-to-use website that provided customers of the old restaurant and new customers with a perfect understanding of what to expect from the new establishment. This website also needed an e-commerce feature that would allow customers to order directly from the website.

Houston Business Photography

Our photography team took beautiful photos of the new interior in addition to bright photos of all of the available food and drinks. These photos would be placed throughout the website and on the e-commerce portion of the website so that customers who wanted to order online could see what all of their options looked like. This made for a user-friendly browsing experience that is sure to keep customers coming back for more.

Houston Graphic Design

A new restaurant required a new logo, so once the name and cuisine were decided upon, our marketing agency’s in-house graphic design team got to work on a brand new logo that would reflect the modern atmosphere and vision the owners were looking for.

Reputation Management

Like any business that desires to reflect their brand in a positive light, Fu Belly was especially in need of reputation management for their new brand. With our reputation management software, we ensured that rave reviews stood out and that any of the occasional negative reviews were properly responded to and taken care of so the unhappy customer could, instead, become a happy returning customer. 

Today, Fu Belly offers delicious Asian cuisine and refreshing bubble tea drinks to customers in The Galleria area through takeout or delivery. With a modern approach and fantastic customer service, they are continuing to grow and welcome new customers.


FU Belly


December 19, 2022


Ecommerce, Graphic Design, Photography, Reputation Management, Website Design