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Forgiven Life Church

Forgiven Life Church


Forgiven Life is a community church in Houston focused on uniting those who have found love and forgiveness in Jesus. By enhancing their branding message, offering an updated website loaded with unique features, eye-catching graphic design, and SEO, we have helped them foster a positive, ever-growing community.

Their website needed some adjustment in order to successfully communicate all that they stood for. But in order to do so, we first needed to deepen our understanding of the message they wished to communicate. We discussed their brand and all their underlying passion and came to the conclusion that their mission, and the very reason why they do the work they do, is to help people connect with one another under one common denominator: Love.

Now that we had an improved branding message, this served as the perfect basis for us to re-work their homepage and existing content so that it would be truer to their identity and clearly express Love. We also made it more modern by adding vibrant images, some colors, and a few tasteful animations to make their page all the more engaging. To make the browsing experience smoother for visitors, we also made sure to mirror the homepage design throughout the other pages.

Because their new website served as the anchor for the rest of their brand, we also designed a brand new logo that reflected their purpose of sharing kindness and compassion through Christ and finished it off with custom add-ons, such as a blog for Pastor Long Le to express his thoughts, user-friendly photo galleries, a sermon catalog, and an events page to share information about upcoming events, as well as experiences from recently-passed events.

By also making their website SEO-friendly, Forgiven Life will be able to connect with more people based on their common Love for Jesus, giving their community even more opportunities to live a fulfilling life, rich with love for themselves, love for others, and love for life itself.


Forgiven Life Church


December 20, 2022


Branding, SEO, Website Add-Ons, Website Design