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Engage Houston

Engage Houston


Engage Houston is a Christian organization that focuses on training local missionaries to reach out to refugees. Through their work, they assist them in their assimilation into the American lifestyle. Their team wanted to polish their brand and online presence so they could reach more people, so we updated their brand messaging and logo and added unique features to their website. 

An updated website means updated branding, so we worked with them to determine what their 3 Unique Selling Propositions (USP’S) are so they could serve as the anchor for the rest of their marketing strategy. A clear message successfully increases reach, so we utilized the following terms: “Welcome”, to speak to their welcoming nature of Muslim immigrants and refugees; “Grow” refers to their regular search of prospective missionaries. By training them for mission work, Engage Houston helps individuals grow into a fulfilling role as missionaries. “Proclaim” refers to proclaiming the Gospel and uniting their community under a common love for Jesus and God.

After enhancing their branding, we also developed a logo that would visually tie in their messaging with the rest of their website. In addition to developing a variety of logos, we also developed brand guidelines to ensure the several aspects of their marketing efforts tie into one fully integrated message and identity.

A large part of who Engage Houston is and their mission revolves around hiring interns to be teachers, tutors, social media coordinators, and fundraising developers for 12 months at a time, so we created a custom intern application that would further aid in helping them grow their team and reach a wider audience of people in need. Because of their increased reach, today Engage Houston is continuing to expand and make a positive impact on the world.


Engage Houston


December 20, 2022


Branding, Graphic Design, Website Add-Ons