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Dawn's Study Hall

Dawn's Study Hall


Dawn’s Study Hall is a tutoring service catered to elementary students who need some help succeeding in reading and mathematics. Rather than merely checking work, Dawn’s Study Hall is dedicated to teaching children how to become better learners so they not only succeed in math and reading but also in all of their future classes. To do so, Dawn’s Study Hall utilizes a multisensory approach to learning so that each child’s various needs are met. Because learning is a permanent part of life, they were in need of a website that could raise brand awareness and reach more parents seeking high-quality tutoring. 

Dawn’s Study Hall invested in a $149/month website package so they could increase their brand awareness. With 4 custom web pages, daily backups, security, mobile and SEO compatibility, a contact form, and a reliable CMS (Content Management System), our $149/month starter website package gives businesses all of the tools they need to start building a successful brand. The website is also scalable, so as Dawn’s Study Hall expands, so can their website. By building this website, their new business can gain traction and begin reaching a wider audience.

Today, Dawn’s Study Hall is proudly helping more elementary school students become better learners during the school year and during summer break. By utilizing a multisensory teaching approach, children are learning in a way that resonates with them outside of the classroom, preparing them for a successful future.


Dawn's Study Hall


December 20, 2022


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