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Champions Social

Champions Social


Owned and operated by World Series of Poker (WSOP) winner Robert Williamson III, Champions Social is more than just Houston’s latest poker club; it is a welcoming home for poker players of all experience levels. This was a new endeavor for him and his team, but, because of COVID-19 they had to close shortly after their grand opening. Although their team had previously marketed their business, they wanted to take advantage of the temporary closure to launch a better website that successfully branded their business in a way that would encourage their current and future customers to resonate with their central purpose.

Champions Social’s New Houston Branding Strategy

With their previous website, they felt it failed to adequately represent the brand image they wanted their customers to identify with. In order to help the Champions Social team’s vision come to fruition,  we had a meeting with them and discussed the vision they had for their Houston poker room and why they desired to open one in the first place because a business's "WHY" is what converts leads. Based on our conversation, together we crafted a central message that was honest, straight to the point, and easy to resonate with.

Beautiful Houston Web Design

Once we decided on the branding message and strategy, we shifted focus to upgrading their Houston website design. When designing their new website, we completely redid their homepage to showcase the new brand message with thoughtful and impactful imagery, as well as their own photos. Once the homepage was completed, we redesigned all of their other webpages to reflect the same central message. 

In order to make their website more effective at generating leads, we included some local Houston SEO keywords and performed a quality check to ensure their website functioned beautifully and seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes (which also boosts their SEO ranking). 

Improved Brand Recognition And Creating The Best Home For Houston’s Poker Community

With a centralized brand message and a stunning website to reflect it, Champions Social had a successful re-opening weekend when it was safe to. Today, they continue to welcome new, seasoned, casual, and professional poker players alike to their 11,000 square foot location in Houston.


Champions Social


December 16, 2022


Branding, Website Design