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Advanced Fences

Advanced Fences


Advanced Fences designs and fabricates custom gates and fences for both residential and commercial properties in Houston. After inheriting the company, the owners wanted to touch up the current brand image, get an all-new website, a new logo, and advertise in order to reach a wider audience.

Even though the brand was already known in Houston, the new owners wanted to modernize it a bit and ensure their message was clear. To do so, we met with them to discuss their story and why customers should go to them instead of the competition. By learning about this, we were able to understand their values as a brand and effectively articulate them in their marketing strategy.

Now that we understood their brand’s message, it was time to create a website that aligned with it. We achieved this by first designing their homepage, which highlights their three Unique Selling Points (USP’s) and features vibrant and engaging photos of their work as well as videos. The USP’s serve as a way to tell visitors why Advanced Fences does what they do and why visitors would benefit. The USP’s aren’t meant to be just a sales pitch though. Although the point is to encourage visitors to become customers, the purpose of sharing these 3 points is to give visitors some insight into the people behind the brand. After all, customers become loyal when values are shared. Following the homepage, we also designed individual webpages for residential and corporate fences, gates, and their services, each of which was more detailed and informative.

A clear brand message and an updated website meant Advanced Fences was also going to need a new logo. We utilized their brand colors (black and gold) and designed several beautiful logos for them to pick from, and each of them were made as vectors so that their size could be adjusted without losing any resolution. 

As the final component of their custom marketing strategy, we created and implemented Google Ads. As a Google Partner, we have helped them show up on the first page of search results based on the keywords that people type in, which will trigger the ads to show up when relevant.

Their team believes that fences and gates should not only offer security and peace of mind, but should also create a dedicated space for loved ones and serve as a way for homeowners and companies to express their own uniqueness. Today, Advanced Fences has generated more leads than ever before, resulting in their expansion of over 50% within 6 months (even during COVID-19, which you can read our interview about here).


Advanced Fences


December 18, 2022


Branding, Google Ads, Graphic Design, Website Design