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3mA Audio

3mA Audio


3mA Audio is a Houston-based audio equipment seller that specializes in high fidelity (HiFi) audio and home theater equipment. They sought out our marketing strategists to help them successfully brand and market themselves as Houston’s premier HiFi audio equipment store. As audiophiles themselves, they wanted to provide fellow audiophiles with the best possible equipment that would aid in creating a fully immersive experience in their home theaters.

In order to strengthen their brand, we developed an elegant website that highlights the high-end audio brands they offer, their showroom, and how their curated equipment creates a sound that people can feel, a sound that is precise, and a sound that has the power to move the listener’s emotions. In addition to designing a beautiful desktop website, we also optimized it for easy mobile browsing. How the website performs on mobile and tablet can be the difference between acquiring new customers or turning them off from your business, so we make sure the experience is pleasant and intuitive no matter what device potential customers are using.

Search Engine Optimization is key to increasing website traffic, so 3mA wanted our help in improving their visibility on search engine results, such as Google. In order to achieve this, every month we publish short and informative blogs on their website. Regularly posting new content lets search engines know the website is active, which encourages bots to “crawl’ it and store them in the search engine index. To further help their SEO credibility, every blog we write is shared to social media. Over time, this helps pages appear earlier in search engine results, thus building visibility.

Today, 3mA’s new and improved website is helping them successfully sign bigger deals with bigger equipment manufacturers, such as Bowers & Wilkins. Now more and more audiophiles have access to high-quality audio equipment for their home theaters.


3mA Audio


December 20, 2022


Branding, Reputation Management, SEO, Website Design