Video, Branding, and Residual Marketing

Video marketing has become an essential method to reaching customers. It has become the easiest and most efficient way to tell customers and potential customers about your product, service, or overall business. Creating high quality videos is a necessity, but if your branding isn’t there, then you lose out on what we call residual marketing.


Before we explain what residual marketing is, let’s focus on the importance of ensuring proper branding within video marketing. Whether it is a marketing campaign (like the one above), tutorial video, or just a simple About Us video on your website, branding plays a significant role. This means having your logo and company name in the right places on the video and making certain that it is mentioned several times, at least at the beginning and the end of the video. Your product and service must tie into your brand name. A great product and service is memorable. But if a viewer can’t remember who provides the product or service, then chances are they will get a similar product or service from a competitor. Keeping the brand top of mind is pivotal for the following: residual marketing.


It is important to leave a good impression with your video marketing. It needs to be high quality. Clear and concise. And the product and service needs to be something someone wants or needs. All of that should tie in to your brand. If everything goes well, or at least according to this plan, residual marketing can take effect. This happens when the phone is away, the laptop is off, but the need or desire for the specific product or service arises. When you have branded your videos correctly, the first thought in the consumer’s mind will be your place of business. Residual marketing is simply the effects of marketing while you are not marketing.


If your company needs help with video marketing and branding, then contact our Houston digital marketing firm. We will make certain your marketing efforts pay off in the short-term and the long-term (also known as the residual).