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Anyone who uses the internet is definitely exposed to some type of video content on a daily basis. Our Houston marketing agency understands the importance of video marketing as a tool of growing your brand in a way that’s creative yet informative. Because of our brand-first perspective, we’ll help you create captivating video content that will cement your name in your industry. Learn more about the benefits of video marketing below.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a strategy of creating video content to promote your brand’s products or services. This can be in long-form or short-form video formats posted across various platforms, such as social media, your website, and targeted ads. Video marketing has been proven to boost customer engagement, improve SEO, and generate sales.

The Edge of Video Marketing

Research shows that the majority of online users prefer watching videos over reading. Houston marketing analysts believe that produced videos are the leading tactic for consumer engagement. Since most users are on their smartphones more than their desktop computers, videos present a more compelling source of information and entertainment. 

Why Utilize Video Marketing?

Push More Information

As a business, you want to educate your market about what you can do for them and why they need you. Sometimes, words aren’t enough and can limit the information you want to put across. By expressing yourself through video content, you’re able to showcase your products and services in a way that text and images cannot. 

Capture Customer Attention

Nowadays, it can be hard to capture your target audience’s attention through words alone. Most people are visual and auditory by nature. Video is a rich medium that combines elements of motion, color, sound, and text. Once you have your audience on a hook, the process of turning online engagement into sales generation then begins.

Expand Your Creativity

Branded entertainment has always been a powerful strategy to increase profit, regardless of the size of your company. Through video marketing, you’re able to show your creativity without losing the goal of driving sales. Audiences appreciate unique, fun, and well-produced videos that also increase your credibility and customer loyalty.

Four Onsite Video Testimonials for $2500

Are you ready to expand your business through professionally produced videos rooted in proven marketing techniques? INFINI Marketing offers four onsite video testimonials for $2500. Our professional videographer will organize, record, and edit four client testimonial videos ($3000 value!). Shoot at your location(s) of choice and enjoy flexible scheduling that allows you to shoot all four videos at once or at different times.

Build Your Brand With INFINI Marketing

At our Houston marketing agency, we put your brand first, always. We perform continuous optimization until we’re sure that your marketing strategy is seamless. Aside from our SEO services, we also offer video testimonials to drive traffic to your website. Whichever phase you are in with your business, you can keep growing with our proprietary marketing system. It’s time to go to INFINI and beyond. Contact us today for a consultation.