What Christmas Can Teach Us About Marketing

This Christmas season, if you take a moment to go just about anywhere there’s a business, you’ll discover how well a business plans ahead for the biggest season of the year. Some plan way in advance and some plan in the spur of the moment. A good place to check out a plethora of marketing is in the mall. There are countless stores, all selling something different (typically), and all with their specific holiday marketing pushes. Consider the clothing stores. Not only do they have to plan their marketing, but they have to plan their clothing. They can’t toss out the same marketing jargon as last year, much like they can’t send out the same outfits as the previous year. Regardless of how well the previous year’s marketing campaigns worked, every year has to offer something new. This doesn’t mean they completely restructure. Simple changes can go a long way.


When it comes to marketing and advertising, you’ll notice how the wording changes on their banners, posters, websites, mailers, social media announcements, email marketing campaigns, commercials, and everything else in between. You will also notice that not every person goes into the same store. It’s called targeting. The ones that enter a store are typically the ones that are being marketed toward. Take the Disney store, for instance. What’s the primary demographic? Kids and parents with kids. And what about Lids, the cap store? Primarily teenagers and men who like sports.


When peering through the store’s windows and walking by its open doors, you will notice the banners of Buy One Get One Free” or “50% Off All Socks!” or “Get Everyone’s Christmas Gifts Here!” It doesn’t really matter what they say. They all say something. But it’s how they say it that is important. Since it is Christmas time, a business that has planned ahead for this time of year will have specific color schemes with its marketing. Typically red and white. There’s a lot of that. Or green (representing trees and wreaths and mistletoe). Or silver and gold (for bells and tinsel and the song). Colors are a huge part of marketing (which we mentioned in one of our earliest blog posts), but even more important is design. Yes, red, white, green, silver and gold are all Christmas colors, but what about the color scheme of the business? They’re primary color may be blue or yellow. A good marketing person will use design to cover that small obstacle. It isn’t just color that represents Christmas; it’s things. Think trees, wreaths, presents, bells, stars, snowflakes, or even the manger scene. These can be done in any color and will still represent what you are aiming for. You’ll see these design elements everywhere.


It isn’t just Christmas that you have to plan for. There are so many moments throughout the year that require great marketing. Spring, summer, fall, winter. New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, July Fourth, Halloween, and the list goes on. You can even make up your own holiday that fits your business. Or go with the countless made-up holidays Americans come up with, like Healthy Eating Day, Boyfriend Day, Scottish American Heritage Day. You can always find something that fits your business and you can always find a way to make it fit your marketing. For all your marketing needs, contact INFINI Marketing. Our Houston marketing team loves creating new marketing schemes for businesses and we look forward to helping your business achieve great marketing success.