Who We Are
At INFINI Marketing, our Houston-based team of IT and digital marketing experts stem from the most prestigious and successful business backgrounds. Our skills cover the entire gamut of business productivity and marketing expertise, including constructing business complexes, digital network infrastructure, and marketing and advertising. INFINI Marketing creates a bridge for all these areas of your business to come together.

The Team

Vincent Lee
Owner / C.E.O.
Dan Nguyen
Owner / C.T.O.
Kee Wong

Your business is our universe. Marketing has evolved over the years and today it is a force to be reckoned with. It is the primary means of communicating with not only current customers, but also potential customers, and communication is key for remaining at the forefront of a prospect’s mind. However, it isn’t always easy–it is crucial to understand the best forms of communication at different times, with different people, in different stages of the buying process. We pride ourselves on developing and executing marketing strategies that are unique to each of our clients because we know that marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Our marketing strategies successfully highlight every brand’s purpose, voice, story, and strengths, ensuring that their target audience resonates with them and feels encouraged to become loyal customers.

Our Process

Successful marketing is achieved as a team, but not just our in-house team. We work closely with each of our clients every step of the way:

1) Assess your marketing needs

2) Determine the best strategy to grow your business, whether it be with a new website, SEO, branding and/or an advertising campaign

3) Measure your website to understand baseline performance

4) Optimize performance

5) Implement an optimized strategy and expand your business

Our Core Values


Above all else, we value integrity. Honesty and transparency amongst our employees and our customers are integral to our business approach. We’re on a mission to make digital marketing accessible to everyone, and we know that the first step to building a strong working relationship with our clients is establishing trust.


Self Awareness

It’s important for us to recognize our weaknesses and blind spots and continuously working on improving and closing the gaps.



The ability to resolve problems and find new solutions or new, effective ways to expand businesses.



While we’ve heard the old saying “don’t mix business with pleasure”, at INFINI, we like to think differently. We find creative design immensely satisfying, and we still get really excited every time we see our marketing strategies pay off for our clients. There is a lot of fulfillment in watching our websites climb to the top of search results.

Our co-founders, Vincent and Dan, have been friends since childhood, were groomsmen at each other’s weddings, and have now been business partners for years. Their personalities are very different, but their work styles and personal values are perfectly complementary. While they may argue and banter like an old married couple, they truly enjoy working together and have a well-rounded balance.

So here at INFINI, we’ve got a pretty great mix of business and pleasure. We enjoy a relaxed working environment, and we’ve been known to kick back a few drinks together over the weekend. And if you give us a call, we hope we can show you how partnering with us can bring more positivity to your business too.



Above all, we are people of faith who believe in loving God and People