Dentists, like most medical professionals, experience a lot of patients leaving them due to factors such as a change in insurance or relocation. Because of this, dentists have to constantly bring in new patients, and the best way to do this is with top-quality dental marketing. The right dental marketing strategy will not only offer clear branding but also a clean website that is optimized for generating leads and conversions. When you entrust your dental marketing needs to our Houston marketing agency, you will find that the phones just won’t stop ringing!

Dental Website Design

At INFINI Marketing in Houston, we believe that impeccable website design serves as the anchor for the rest of your marketing strategy, simply because a modern website makes every other tactic all the more effective.

A dental website designed and managed by INFINI Marketing is guaranteed to feature unique branding that visitors will connect with on an emotional level, as well as:

Error-free browsing on all devices

Your website will look beautiful and function seamlessly no matter what screen-size and be free of any broken links.

High speed

Nobody likes a slow website–and neither do search engines! Dental website design by our Houston marketing agency ensures your new website is user-friendly and provides visitors with the information they need in a timely manner.


Security for yourself as a dental practice owner, as well as for any of your visitors, is a must. Our dedicated server makes certain that your website is secure at all times.

Reliable uptime

A dental website by INFINI boasts 99.9% uptime, which means your website is available to visitors at all times, except during updates or maintenance.

Timely maintenance

Sometimes, errors just occur that don’t honor our guarantee, but rest assured that if this occurs, these errors will be fixed within 24 hours at no extra charge.

SEO For Dentists

Local SEO along with an impactful website make for a notable difference in terms of how many leads dentists generate. Your customized SEO strategy will be complete with regular SEO maintenance, keyword research, and the option to upgrade to monthly blogs that our Houston marketing agency writes and publishes on your behalf. Our Houston SEO experts have successfully helped multiple dental practices reach page 1 on search engines for their chosen keywords, and your practice can achieve this as well.

Google Ads For Dental Practices

Google Ads are a great way to quickly reach a wider audience full of potential leads looking to become your new patient. Our digital marketing agency is a certified Google Partner, which means we are experts at creating effective ads for your dental practice that remain within your budget. Whether you want more website visits or phone calls, we are here to advise you and execute dental ad campaigns that will help you achieve your goals.