Houston Brand Loyalty


Achieve Weightlessness

Now that you have reached the atmosphere, Phase III of IV focuses on building loyalty within your now-converted leads. This is where we further refine all of your tactics to maximize revenue from existing customers. While it’s important to continuously generate new leads, don’t forget that it’s also important to nurture your current customer base. After all, 65% of a company’s revenue comes from existing customers. Doing so is imperative if you want to scale your business.

Personalized Customer Marketing

Beyond standard marketing is customer marketing. This is a Houston marketing strategy focused on sustaining a relationship with existing customers. Not only does this cultivate lifelong loyalty, but it also strengthens your brand. This inevitably attracts your ideal customers with little to no additional effort on your part.

Done-For-You Branded Marketing

A customer marketing strategy leverages the various components we put into place in phases I and II. We will work to understand your goals and implement and scale your digtial marketing strategy to ensure your current customers feel connected to you. The best part? We handle everything for you.

Achieve Weightlessness With Our Houston Marketing Services

What is Included in the Phase III: ORBIT Package

Graphic Design

For networking and internal uses alike, graphic design can boost your company’s professional brand image and make it more recognizable

Branded Content Writing

Your brand must be infused in every single component of your marketing strategy, so everything we write will be unique to your company.

Photography & Videography

Imagery speaks louder than words. Professional photos and videos have endless applications based on the message you wish to convey.

Social Media Management

Every business can benefit from the right social media platforms. We design, schedule, and post content that establishes authority and engages your audience.


Getting to page 1 on Google and other search engines can help your ideal customers find you more easily when they’re ready to buy.

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter can be used in various ways to connect with your audience and even generate more referrals and leads.


Well-written blogs improve both your SEO ranking and credibility within your industry. They are also an opportunity to share exciting news about your company.

To INFINI And Beyond

INFINI Marketing is a Houston-based marketing company committed to creating customized marketing strategies for businesses in any industry. Each of our personalized marketing strategies emphasize a brand-first approach to expanding businesses, are continuously optimized, and show undeniable results. Let’s impact the world together, one business at a time! If you’re ready to set your trajectory, please contact us. We would love to join your journey.