Major Brands That Have Changed Their Logos

As we discussed in our last blog post, changing your business logo is not a problem. At least, it shouldn’t be a problem if you go about the change systematically. Remember the logo-change questions we answered last time. If you find yourself in those categories, then abide by those guidelines and your business won’t falter. In fact, chances are (if done correctly) your business should see a positive return. There have been plenty of big businesses that have made changes to their logos over the years without faltering in their success. You may be thinking, “Yeah, but those are big successful companies.” Well, my friend, they weren’t always big and successful. As with every business, they had to start from the ground up. Here are some examples of businesses (that are now big) that renovated and rejuvenated their logo over time:

  • Coca-Cola This famous drink started in 1886. Over the next 130 years, the logohas undergone several renovations, but it always stayed true to its core. The change to just “Coke”, however, proved to be a bad idea because it strayed too far from what the audience knew. Now that it’s considered the most recognized brand in the world, it can stretch itself and change up its color for special occasions, like the summer colors. Choosing red and white, however, played right into Christmas, which is where the brand has shown its bread and butter marketing techniques.
  • Morton’s Salt Starting over 100 years ago, this company held true to its originality, only minimally shifting its design, most notably its color scheme. The umbrella, the rain, the girl, and the salt remained. The slogan it created for its brand has become a famous American phrase as well: “When it rains, it pours.”
  • Shell Shell began in the late 1800’s with the image of an actual shell.It wasn’t very creative for a logo, but it was a start, especially since it directly represented the name of the company. Over time, it was redesigned with a more definitive look, and soon the red and yellow came into play. Now it can stand alone without the need for the brand name. That’s the goal for every business. Although Coca-Cola’s logo is its name, it would be still be recognizable with just a white strip on a red background—or a Santa Claus (same color scheme) holding a glass bottle of soda. That’s what you call great branding.
  • Starbucks When it comes to age, this brand isn’t nearly as old as the others, but ithas become one of the most globally recognized brands. When Starbucks began in 1971, its logo needed a lot of help. There was a lot going on and the color scheme wasn’t very inviting (although it did match the color of coffee). Due to massive advertising and providing a premium product, it is now known the world over. Even its packaging for its coffee beans and ground coffee is elegant. Design plays a major role in everything Starbucks does, and that has played a big role in its success. The logo itself hasn’t changed much, but you will notice it continues to approach a more minimalist design.


Like we mentioned last post, there is a big difference between renovating your logo and brand, and restructuring it. When you restructure completely, you are changing the dynamic of your business. We touched on this in a post about Brand Expansion and how Starbucks has done this successfully and unsuccessfully. Starbucks has moved into food and other items, but eventually dropped its beer and wine push. The focus, however, has always been coffee. The moment this company decides to move away from that, it will most definitely fall apart. Even Coca-Cola would fall apart if it decided to move into the candy bar department and away from the beverage industry. It has expanded into other types of sodas, even water, but they’ve never gotten away from what they truly are. If your business is in the process of deliberating a change, contact our Houston marketing company today. We will make certain you move your business in the right direction so that you can be as successful as possible.

Can a Company Change Its Logo, But Keep Its Brand?

Is it possible for a company to change its logo, but keep its brand? The simple answer is yes. But that’s just the answer. The process behind that simple answer is very complex. As a Houston marketing company, we understand and foresee the issues that come with changing a business logo. Before making major changes to the item that represents your business, you need to take a bird’s eye view on your logo and the rest of your brand management aspects. There are several questions you need to ask yourself before making major changes to your branding schemes. Here are some of the questions you should ask:

  1. How long have you had the logo?
  2. How much have you utilized the logo?
  3. Do you have enough capital to conduct a rebranding scheme?
  4. Are you rebranding or restructuring?


You may be wondering why those questions are important. We’ll explain:

  1. If you have had your logo for a short time and your business is still in its beginning phases, then the process of logo change is not substantial. Why? Because fewer eyes have seen it and there has been less time to initiate customer loyalty. If you have had your logo for an extended period of time, say at least two to three years, then the process of change should be more systematic. It should begin with the introduction of the idea of change with a deadline in place. Sudden change shouldn’t happen overnight because it may appear as a sign of instability within the business, even when that is not the case. So inform your company and then inform your customers of the coming change.
  2. How much you have utilized your current logo goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the first answer. Typically, the longer you have had your branding material and logo, the more likely you have utilized it more. This branding material includes signage, social media outlets, billboards, flyers, etc. Once the change takes place, it should happen full stop with everything that came before it. Ensure there is no confusion. In other words, don’t change the icon on your Instagram account, but not your Twitter account. If you have utilized your current logo a lot or a little, then you need to supercharge the usage of the updated version to get the point across that a change has taken place.
  3. When introducing a new logo and brand identity, then be sure to have enough marketing budget behind the push. Don’t go into it halfway. Make sure your customers know the change is here and the change is for the better. It is a time for renovation in many cases, so have a reveal party, a special, or just an innovative way to communicate the change to current customers.
  4. There is a major difference between rebranding and restructuring. Changing the color scheme and the logo and even giving your business a new website is in the realm of rebranding. You are doing the same thing with the same goal, but with a fresher focus or at least a fresher feel. Restructuring is changing not only your branding, but your entire identity, including your vision, services, and products. That takes much more time and planning to implement, as well as more of a marketing budget.


If you are planning a change to your company, whether a logo or a complete revision, then contact our Houston marketing firm today. We will give you all the necessary knowledge and assistance to make your change as seamless as possible.

Is Your Marketing Budget EOY Ready?

Not trying to play Captain Obvious here, but there is about two months left in the year. This is not a calendar update. This is a marketing budget update alert. This is what everyone calls the holiday season (whether you celebrate the holidays or not). During the months of November and December, consumers increase their spending dramatically. With each passing year, the spending increases by the billions. Just take a look at the graph assembled by the National Retail Federation dating back to 2002.Before November arrives, and especially Black Friday, now is the time to prep for consumers. This means accelerating your marketing. But where does your EOY (end of year) marketing budget stand right now? As our most recent blog post iterated, business owners need to make sure they are spending their time focusing on the right things: DATE, VISION, MESSAGE. This isn’t only for businesses that are just opening. These points need to be followed throughout the year, and every year. The holiday season is definitely not an anomaly when it comes to planning marketing.


At INFINI Marketing, we will help you plan your marketing budget for the final two months of the year. End-of-year spending isn’t solely for the retail industry. This type of consumer spending also increases in the dental and medical field. This is because consumers are using their insurance coverage to pay for their medical needs. We have studied the industries to find out how various consumers spend their money, when they spend their money, and why. Knowing these three elements helps us pinpoint precisely where a client should put their marketing dollars. We encourage our clients not to just spend marketing money for the sake of spending their EOY marketing budget. Our Houston marketing firm will ensure it goes to the right areas so those marketing methods will hit their intended target audience. For your EOY budget, it’s all about the ROI. If you are uncertain of how to prepare your EOY marketing budget, then contact our Houston marketing company today.

If you build it, they will come...not really

It seems to be a pretty honest mistake. You put a lot of effort into starting your business: business loan, the building, computers, security system, and accessories. But just because you have built it, doesn’t mean customers or clients will show up. We call this "The Field of Dreams Effect" (clever, huh?).

Why Having Everything in Place Doesn’t Always Mean Everything

When business owners unfurl their banner revealing “We’re Open!”, it doesn’t always translate into the onslaught of customers they were dreaming about. Before you open the doors, you need to be sure as many people as possible know your doors are opening. This is where marketing efforts come into play. Here are some of the must-do’s for your business before it launches:

  • PICK A DATE: Depending on your business venture, it may be a good idea to pick a date with some symbolism. Let’s say you’re a bakery. Picking the fall to open would be ideal. Why? You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to start with, which is the busiest time of the year for pastries, cookies and cakes. If you’re going into real estate, perhaps the summertime since that is when most people are looking to buy homes.
  • KNOW YOUR VISION: It’s one thing to know your industry, but it’s another to know your vision. You need to know exactly what you are specializing in and why yours is better than the competition.
  • FIND YOUR MESSAGE: For some, it is a slogan. For others, it’s a color scheme. And for the rest, it is simply about doing it right every time. At INFINI Marketing, we know it is all three (or can be all three―but the slogan and color scheme are optional). Regardless, that message needs to be memorable and in a good way. If your employees embrace that message, then chances are so will your customers.
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Before your ribbon-cutting ceremony, you need to spread the word through social media (which means create your pages) and start marketing in outlets (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, flyers, etc.). This means everything you put out needs to have the previous three items mentioned: DATE, VISION, MESSAGE.



Our Houston marketing company is here to make sure that everything is in place for your business before you open your doors. For all of our clients, we are an extension of their team. We look out for the best interests of all our clients and seek ways for them to best succeed. That way, when you build it, they will come. Contact us today and we'll make certain you have everything you need in place to put your business in the best position to succeed.

Can A Company Be Successful with an Ugly Logo?

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the level of importance behind logos. There are some who make too much of logos and those who don’t make enough about logos—both to their detriment. So if it does matter how the logo looks, are there any successful companies with ugly logos? More importantly, can your company be successful with an ugly logo? The short answer for both of these questions is yes. There are plenty of businesses that have had success with ugly logos. Here are just a couple of quick ones: Kirkland, Nestle, and Mozilla Firefox.

KIRKLAND: This is the Costco-related brand, not the home decor brand (which is Kirkland’s). The font for this brand is unattractive and doesn’t have much appeal at all. So how is it successful? That’s pretty easy. This is the “home” brand for Costco, which means that it’s success is already provided for through the main business. All Kirkland has to do (or Costco) is ensure the quality of the products are good. In this form, as Costco goes, so goes Kirkland.

NESTLE: This logo is rather complex. But it doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t represent what it is most known for: chocolate. Nor does it change the fact that it is not visually appealing. Nestle’s logo is birds in a nest (a mama bird and two baby birds), which is also the Nestle name crest. The company started around 1870 and provided lactaid for mothers who could not breastfeed. All in all, the logo makes sense according to that product line. In 1904, the company placed chocolate into its line of products. Over a hundred years later, this product is what it is most known for. The crest of birds still remains, but consumers most identify with the namesake, rather than the birds.

MOZILLA FIREFOX: This company is not nearly as old as Nestle, but it does have an animal in its logo. An animal makes sense for the namesake; but it doesn’t change the fact that it is too busy with the combination of the world and the fox. It is much better, however, than it’s original 2002 version (we have no idea what is going on there). We understand that it’s for the WorldWide Web, but adding the globe into the logo is a bit much, especially with the outline of the oceans and lands in varying shades of blue. A fox with a cool, fiery tail would have sufficed. What made this work was its timing as a web browser. The competition was very limited and this group offered something that wasn’t really being offered: free and open sourced.


Did you notice what these companies did that made ugly logos unimportant? Here were the three keys to their success:

  • SAW A NEED: They each provided a product that supplied a need in the marketplace (now we’re sounding like Adam Smith). The demand was already there. All that was needed was supply.
  • TIMING: They offered a product at a time when there wasn’t much competition in the industry (Kirkland works because it is able to beat out the competition by winning the price competition).
  • HIGH QUALITY: None of these products would have succeeded if their product was low quality. People will pay more if the competitor is substantially better.

If these three keys apply to your business or idea, then the look of your logo won’t matter nearly as much. Your product will soon speak for itself.


At INFINI Marketing, our Houston marketing team wants you to be completely prepared in every way for branding and marketing your business. This preparation includes a solid logo that makes sense for your company. Our group of designers will ensure you receive the logo you need to give you the best opportunity to succeed. Contact us today to get your company moving in the right direction with your logo and other branding aspects.

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