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There are countless ways to market your business, and those ways continue to grow as more and more companies utilize digital marketing to brand, advertise and promote their services and products. The most powerful method of marketing continues to be video marketing. At INFINI Marketing, we continue to create video marketing for our clients, which enables them to establish and push their brand. Here are some of the videos and commercials we have put together for our clients:


Signature Smiles is a dental firm in the Houston area with three locations (The Heights, Humble and The Woodlands). Their primary focus has been pediatric dentistry. After tossing out a few ideas, we figured the best method to get the dental clinic’s message across was by having a child pretend to be a dentist and demonstrate all the great things about the dental office. After the initial video (the first one below), we began creating Q&A videos, where Dr. Z, The Kid Dentist, answered questions people commonly have about dental procedures (those are below the initial video).


Camber Villas in Bryan, Texas needed to show potential residents all the apartment complex had to offer. From swimming pools and sand volleyball courts to spacious rooms and community theatre rooms, our video team assembled a quick and fun video to promote this business.


Land Air Sea is a company that specializes in creating GPS tracking devices. They needed a simple video for the website’s homepage. This graphic video helped encapsulate the idea behind the business.


This upscale poker club in the Galleria-area of Houston wanted to convey to all it had to offer for the everyday poker and to the casual poker player. The goal with this quick video was to show off Prime Social’s Vegas style setting. The company wanted to push more than just its poker tables. It wanted to promote its great food, drinks, and all around fun atmosphere.


If your company needs to expand its brand recognition, then you should consider video marketing. Our Houston digital marketing firm can create your company how-to videos, single commercials, or full-fledged marketing campaigns. Contact INFINI Marketing today and schedule a time to meet with one of our team members.

Video, Branding, and Residual Marketing

Video marketing has become an essential method to reaching customers. It has become the easiest and most efficient way to tell customers and potential customers about your product, service, or overall business. Creating high quality videos is a necessity, but if your branding isn’t there, then you lose out on what we call residual marketing.


Before we explain what residual marketing is, let’s focus on the importance of ensuring proper branding within video marketing. Whether it is a marketing campaign (like the one above), tutorial video, or just a simple About Us video on your website, branding plays a significant role. This means having your logo and company name in the right places on the video and making certain that it is mentioned several times, at least at the beginning and the end of the video. Your product and service must tie into your brand name. A great product and service is memorable. But if a viewer can’t remember who provides the product or service, then chances are they will get a similar product or service from a competitor. Keeping the brand top of mind is pivotal for the following: residual marketing.


It is important to leave a good impression with your video marketing. It needs to be high quality. Clear and concise. And the product and service needs to be something someone wants or needs. All of that should tie in to your brand. If everything goes well, or at least according to this plan, residual marketing can take effect. This happens when the phone is away, the laptop is off, but the need or desire for the specific product or service arises. When you have branded your videos correctly, the first thought in the consumer’s mind will be your place of business. Residual marketing is simply the effects of marketing while you are not marketing.


If your company needs help with video marketing and branding, then contact our Houston digital marketing firm. We will make certain your marketing efforts pay off in the short-term and the long-term (also known as the residual).

Just Some Stats on Why You MUST Use Video Marketing

Unless you currently live under rocks or in a far off country on a very different planet than ours, which would be Earth, then you know very well that video plays a huge role in daily life. Think how many social media platforms focus primarily on video: SnapChat, YouTube, Instagram (pretty much). And has there ever been more TV shows and TV platforms than there are right now? It seems every outlet, regardless of size, is pushing video, shows and even full-fledged movies. And now we must look at marketing. The following stats will show that video is necessary in marketing just as much as anywhere else.


According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch an online video at least once per week, while 55% of people watch one every single day. Are you going for regular people, like your typical consumer? Then that stat is very important. But what about reaching the outliers? The decision-makers? Well, check out this stat: 59% of executives say they would much prefer to watch a video than read text—that comes from Wordstream.


Having video content is very important, and according to Blue Corona, there have been more videos uploaded in the past 30 days, than there have been TV content in the past 30 years. That’s insane! Having a platform for these videos is essential. Your business website, your social media pages, and in your emails. One thing to be certain of is that you better be sure all your videos can be played mobily, since that is where 51% of viewers watch their videos, according to Adelie Studios. What does this mean? Make sure your website is mobile compatible.


Now for some more sick video stats that will tell you exactly where your target is. More than a billion people are on YouTube (according to YouTube). Half a billion people watch a Facebook video every day (according to Tubular Insights). If you are aiming for the hyper-young generation, then consider SnapChat. Those users consume more than 10 billion videos per day, according to AdWeek. And to cover all generations (well, almost all generations), 82% of Twitter users watch at least one video per day on the platform (according to Twitter). And while you’re at it, you might want to check out the relatively new video platform Periscope. Would you like to have your content shared with others? Then don’t rely on texts or photos. Rely on video. Videos on social media receive 1200% more shares compared to the other two, according to Wordstream.


Video marketing is the single most powerful method to spreading the good news about your business, whether it is your product, service, or info about your company. If you don’t know how to make good videos or simply don’t have the capacity to create them, then contact our Houston video marketing company today. We will help you get your video marketing going so you can reap the benefits—and there are tons of benefits.

Increase Your Positive Online Reviews! Here’s How

Five star reviews are extremely valuable for your business (even four stars are very valuable). If you have recently started your Houston business, then you need to have a plan of action to accumulate these reviews, whether on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. If you have been in business for quite some time and are low on reviews or have been negligent about the importance of reviews, then we at INFINI Marketing highly recommend you start bringing those in quickly.


If you are running your business well and customers love your service or product, then getting reviews from your customers won’t be a difficult task. All you have to do is prepare to get them. Here are some tips on how to get reviews:

  • REVIEW ON IMPACT: This may be the most sensible method to getting reviews. Make it an imperative to your employees to ask customers to leave reviews. This is best done right after a transaction has taken place. If the customer is happy with their service or product they’ve received from your business, then ask them to leave a review. Make it easy for them. Have a review station set up at your place of business, or simply ensure your employees can quickly help customers get on their mobile device to find a place to leave a review (i.e. Google, Facebook or Yelp).
  • REVIEWS FOR DISCOUNTS: Put a little special together for your customers. Ask them to leave a review for 10% or 20% or something off or free from your business. You can do this on social media. For example: Post a Facebook post offering 10% off their next purchase in exchange for a 5-star review. Let the offer be good for a certain time. When customers show your their recently posted review, you give them a discount. It’s easy to make sure customers are leaving reviews during the allotted time since reviews on these platforms are time-stamped.

Reviews can greatly impact your business, both positively and negatively. It all comes down to how you are performing. Quite often, however, even your most satisfied customers don’t think of leaving a review. Those are the customers you should be asking to leave reviews. If they do it at your place of business, give them an extra something (maybe a card that has a 10% off next purchase). There are countless ways to encourage customers to leave reviews. You just have to get them. At INFINI Marketing, our Houston marketing team really cares about how well your business is running. We are all about the Houston business market because we too are a Houston business. If you need help with ideas on how to best garner great reviews or if you need help on anything regarding digital marketing, then contact us today. We can’t wait to help.

Can Yelp Really Help Your Houston Business?

There are countless free business listings and there are countless free social media platforms. Yelp happens to be a combination of the two. But what is it about Yelp that makes it stand out? More importantly, can Yelp really help your Houston business? Yelp started around 2004 and has had 135 million reviews left for businesses around the world. It’s a global phenomenon, for sure, which has forced Facebook and Google to get on board with their own reviews. Despite the media giants trying to crowd the review market, Yelp still is the most trusted. And there is where your business can be helped or hindered. Yelp is a powerful resource for businesses; and most importantly for businesses, especially small ones, the platform is free. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers check Yelp before making a purchase, and about 80% of those make that purchase within a week.


Of course, that 92% isn’t purchasing products and services from businesses with terrible reviews. Yelp provides an easy-to-use search engine that allows users to scroll through similar businesses just as easy as scrolling through consumer reviews. So the question may be is your business Yelp-friendly, but another question is whether Yelp is friendly to your business? Yelp can be a relatively brutal place for your business because of spurned customers. Those customers may be spurned whether you or your employees did anything wrong (at least intentionally) or not. Those reviews can greatly hinder or help your business. But one thing to note is that business owners should always respond to reviews from their customers, whether that review is a 5-star or a 1-star. Responding to all of them lets other customers and potential customers know you care about them and your business. Ultimately, it comes down to how well you are running your business. If your products and/or services are on-point, then your good reviews will outweigh your bad reviews. Keep in mind that even the best businesses suffer a bad review every so often. Some people can never be pleased, and some people simply look forward to writing negative reviews (we’ve all met those people). But don’t let that get you down. Focus on perfecting your business and those Yelp reviews will begin to pay off.


INFINI Marketing loves Yelp and other review platforms because we understand how important they are to our clients. One of the many digital marketing services our Houston marketing firm offers is reputation management. Our software lets us know when reviews are posted and alerts us to negative reviews so that we are able to inform business owners so those issues can be addressed with the disgruntled customer. Let our Houston digital marketing company help your business. Schedule an appointment with one of our business development executives today.

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