Marketing Newsletters Help Bring in New Customers and Expand Your Houston Business

Marketing Newsletters Help Bring in New Customers and Expand Your Houston Business

To some, email newsletters may seem old-school and therefore come across as an ineffective facet of their overall marketing strategy. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In addition to our Houston SEO strategies, email newsletters are a tried and true method for targeting new customers by strengthening your brand.

Did you know that 81% of small business owners rely on email marketing as their main way of targeting new customers; 80% of small business owners rely on email marketing as a way to keep their current customers coming back for more, and 83% of B2B content marketing takes place in the form of newsletters. In other words, email marketing works, and quality email newsletters are still impactful today.

Target New Customers by Strengthening Your Brand

Good marketing is all about strengthening your brand and communicating its strengths to your current and new customers through the content you create.

The great thing about picking a single topic and writing about it in your newsletter, or, alternatively, sharing snippets of different blog posts and letting your subscribers click on what they are most interested in reading, is that this kind of content offers plenty of opportunities for you to showcase all that your brand has to offer, your expertise, why your current customers should stay with you, and why new customers should turn to you. However, this doesn’t mean you can post about whatever interests you personally. You must put your customers first and write blogs or articles that provide value to them.

For example, if you are a B2B company that specializes in software applications, it’s a good idea to write about different applications that are useful or popular for your target market, while simultaneously highlighting your products, as well as different success stories about your clientele. If you are a B2C jewelry store, your target market will find immense value in blogs and articles about current trends or style guides. Be sure that you can successfully incorporate your own jewelry selection into the content you write, as well.

Following these practices builds credibility and improves upon your current credibility, which quickly strengthens your brand in the eyes of a lead that may be indecisive and on-the-fence about doing business with you.

INFINI Marketing Can Develop a Successful Email Marketing Strategy For Your Houston Business

Your customers wish to do business with people they trust, and email newsletters are a fantastic way to build trust. If you would like to incorporate email marketing into your overall strategy, then please contact us. With the right content marketing within your newsletters, you can effectively strengthen your brand and promote it in an honest matter, encouraging new leads to resonate with you and become loyal customers.

How Our Houston Marketing Agency Helps Businesses Track Their Leads

How Our Houston Marketing Agency Helps Businesses Track Their Leads

“Lead tracking” is a term that is especially important in the world of marketing. Everything we do for our clients has to be tracked, and we understand that our clients want to know that their investment is well worth it and that all of our efforts to expand their business are paying off.

What is Lead Tracking and Why is it So Important?

Lead tracking is what we refer to as the analytical process of understanding where your new customers are coming from. In addition to further understanding this, being able to track your leads also helps business owners determine the next steps and actions to take that will turn a qualified lead into a sale.

How INFINI Marketing Tracks Leads

When our Houston marketing agency works with a client to expand their business, we offer our LIT (Lead Intelligence Tracking) System. This system enables our clients to understand where their new and potential customers come from and it helps our marketing strategists determine which marketing campaigns are the most successful in terms of driving interest and action. Furthermore, effective lead tracking makes it easier for us to use data we gather to personalize both our efforts and your own.

What Data Needs to be Tracked?

In the digital age, it is absolutely crucial to track all activities that take place online. We most commonly do this through web forms, such as appointment bookings or contact forms. Even more important, from a digital marketing perspective, is tracking the online actions they took that led someone to your website. This means finding out what SEO keywords they used to land on your website. Doing so helps us better understand how your target audience thinks, which allows us to develop social media and digital campaigns and content that your target audience can engage and resonate with, encouraging individuals to become your next loyal customer.

We cannot ignore the fact that 92% of customers interact with a business through the phone, which is why we also track all incoming phone calls. Because a phone call is often a “call to action” following content or Google ads, we are able to see which campaigns and content drove the viewer to make a phone call, which keywords the caller used, and which medium is performing most successfully. This gives our team valuable insight on what changes we can make and what aspects of our custom-tailored marketing strategy are providing the most leads and conversions.

INFINI Marketing Aims to Make Your Strategy Scalable

What good is a digital marketing strategy if it cannot be improved upon? All of our strategies are designed and executed with the intention to be scalable as your business grows. Once you’ve reached your first goal as a business, our strategy doesn’t stop there. Using our LIT System, our team makes sure that your social media, SEO, and branding strategies can all function together and be adjusted to help you achieve your next goal and every goal after that. To learn more about how our LIT System can help expand your business, please contact us to set up an appointment or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

The Houston Business Owner's Guide to Success on Yelp (Part 2)

The Houston Business Owner's Guide to Success on Yelp (Part 2)

If you have read Part 1 of the Houston Business Owner’s Guide to Success on Yelp, then you’ll understand the asset Yelp has become for local businesses, in addition to local Houston SEO and stellar website design. Not only does Yelp serve as a means to connect customers to new businesses, but it also serves as a way for business owners to showcase the best they have to offer, while also simultaneously strengthening their brand. Here are the next few steps you can take to be successful on Yelp.

Step 5: Remove SOME Reviews

This might be confusing since we previously told you to respond to both good and bad reviews. However, sometimes reviews are bad because the reviewer did not want to be honest or because others simply came in with unwarranted expectations due to a crazy misunderstanding. If this is the case, you can try reaching out to Yelp so they can evaluate the review. Sometimes these reviews may count as “irrelevant” and Yelp will remove them. However, this is not easily done and should not be done for all bad reviews. As a refresher on our previous blog post, we recommended responding to negative reviews in such a way that did not poorly reflect on your branding image. This is referred to as reputation management, one of the many services our Houston marketing agency offers.

Step 6: Find Hidden Positive Reviews

For “Yelpers” and business owners alike, Yelp’s review filter can be the cause of some irritation. This filter displays only those reviews that are currently recommended. People finding your Yelp page for the first time can still see these if they scroll all the way down and click the fine print that takes them to a page of reviews not currently recommended for your business.

The purpose of this filter is to flag reviews that seem fake or spammy, but unfortunately, people who always post positive reviews or have only reviewed a business once in a blue moon will be considered “not recommended”. This harms business owners because often times there are some stellar reviews hiding there, and those reviews do not contribute to your overall Yelp rating. To combat this, we recommend reaching out to those reviewers and letting them know why they may not be showing up. In doing so you may encourage them to post other reviews, eventually becoming recommended.

Step 7: Take Advantage of Yelp Offers

Yelp has this unique feature that allows business owners to post offers and deals on their page. These offers are only valid through Yelp and may include “BOGO” (Buy-One-Get-One) specials or even gift certificates for first-time visitors. Essentially, business owners are free to use this feature for anything that creates an incentive for customers to visit your location. Additionally, using the feature will result in Yelp showing your business page to more users, giving you the perfect opportunity to generate revenue and establish loyal customer relationships.

INFINI Marketing in Houston Can Manage Your Yelp Page and Brand Reputation

Since Yelp is a powerful social media asset, we understand this may be a lot, but there is still more to come in our Yelp series. If you would like help with your Yelp social media management and/or reputation management, please contact our marketing experts. We will tailor our marketing strategy and content to your needs and help ensure your brand's success on Yelp.

Expanding Your Local Business - SEO Basics and FAQ (Part 1)

Expanding Your Local Business - SEO Basics and FAQ (Part 1)

SEO can be tricky, but it is essential to a successful digital marketing strategy, especially as a local business in Houston. A lot goes into it, but our experts have rounded up a few of the most frequently asked questions in order to offer some insight.

What is SEO and Why Do I Need It

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which you drive traffic to your business’s website, organically.

88% of consumers that complete a local search on their phone will either visit or call a business within a day. 97% of people learn about new businesses online more than they do anywhere else. Solely based on these two statistics, it is clear that all businesses need SEO, as it is primarily how potential customers find you. Without it, a Houston business may struggle to remain afloat, much less surpass its competitors.

What is Organic Search?

In SEO, “organic search”, “organic traffic”, and “organic results” mean the same thing–unpaid. Inorganic, or paid, search refers to results that are marked as “sponsored” or “ad” in a search result. We refer to organic searches as those that appear without being labeled an ad. If your search is organic, that just means people are finding you with the keywords you attempt to rank for, and that’s our goal.

inorganic vs organic search

inorganic vs organic search 2How Do I Know What is “Bad” SEO and What Isn’t?

Black Hat (Bad) SEO refers to ill-intended methods for driving traffic. Of course, everyone wants to drive traffic to their website, but doing things like keyword stuffing, link stuffing, and cloaking is unacceptable.

Keyword stuffing refers to spamming your content with over-used keywords to a point where when you read it, it doesn’t flow naturally. Link stuffing is very similar. It is certainly helpful to the visitor to have easy access to links, but if you add links where they don’t match the context, or if you add the same link multiple times, this is against SEO guidelines and your website will be penalized.

Another Black Hat technique is known as cloaking. Cloaking occurs when you show human visitors one piece of content, but show something completely different to search engines. Usually, websites will show irrelevant content to the bots so their webpage ranks for more topics and keywords. However, search engines inevitably find out, so they will flag these websites as spam and hurt their ranking.

Good, or “White Hat” SEO, on the other hand, is about being honest in your website content. The key is to write for humans, not for bots. However, without the proper experience in search optimization, it can be fairly easy to accidentally follow Black Hat practices.

Entrust Marketing Experts With Your Houston SEO

There is a lot that goes into quality search optimization, but with the right team and strategy, your brand will become better known, which, in turn, will help you reach more customers. If you would like to improve your SEO rank and get found on Google, please contact our marketing strategists. As a Google Partner, we will ensure your website follows proper guidelines.

What Helps Your Houston Business Develop a Strong Brand

What Helps Your Houston Business Develop a Strong Brand

There are probably hundreds of millions of brands out there in the world, AT LEAST. In the United States alone, we know that we buy from more than one. When it comes to your computers, you may prefer Apple. When it comes to clothes, you may like inexpensive brands or high-end luxury brands, and the same may apply to the car you drive. Brands are everywhere, and it’s rather easy for us to decide the strong brands versus the weak brands. But what factors contribute to a great brand? How can your Houston business develop a strong brand?

Price is Not Everything

“Price is an issue in the absence of value"

- Joe Plumeri, Chairman and CEO at Willis

While price may often hint at quality, which then may hint at value and brand strength, it is not the most important factor, and it is not always an accurate portrayal of a product. When a brand provides superior value to the customer, price is no longer an issue, much less the deciding factor.

On the other hand, when potential customers don’t see enough value in your Houston business’ product or service, then price is more likely to become the deciding factor between your brand and another. Unfortunately, those who became a customer based on price may very easily go to a different brand until they find one they wish to be loyal to.

Understand The Value Your Houston Business Provides

Speaking of value, before you can build a successful brand for your Houston business, you need to understand what makes your product or service a valuable in order to get the most out of your business marketing efforts. This is why we go through a branding meeting with our clients. In this meeting, we help you develop 3 Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) that break down what makes you valuable to your target market. These are often emotional, as emotion is primarily what encourages customers to connect with people and with a brand, thus driving loyalty.

Understand Your Target Market

A key step in developing a brand and a successful business marketing strategy is determining who your customers are and what is important to them. Be sure that your target customer is able to identify with your brand because of the similar values and/or experiences you share. For example, you wouldn’t be a barbecue restaurant marketing to the vegetarian or vegan communities. Make sure your brand’s voice, which is shared through your brand content, is well aligned with your customer’s voice, as well.

Practice What You Preach

Your product or service, the customer experience, and advertising and marketing efforts must reflect your brand identity. Branding is most effective when the entire company fully embodies that identity and incorporates it in all aspects of their jobs. That way, it’s easier for others to follow suit. If you would like to strengthen your brand, please contact our Houston branding experts. We will help you develop a strong brand that you and your customers align with, so you can successfully expand your business.

INFINI Marketing - Houston Marketing

At INFINI Marketing, the team combines our talent and expertise in Branding, Technology, and Digital Marketing in order to help you expand your business. We ensure the strategy we develop for you is holistic and scalable so that as your business expands, your strategy can, as well.


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