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How To Improve Your Houston SEO Rank

SEO is one of the key components that must be incorporated into your Houston marketing strategy if you want to expand your business. Contrary to the popular belief that SEO is outdated, it is as powerful as ever, and a great way to expand your business in a way that is sustainable. In this article, we will talk about a couple of ways in which you can improve your Houston SEO rank.

Begin With New And Improved Houston Web Design

Never underestimate the power of great Houston website design. Today, SEO algorithms factor in website design and navigation. If your website is any of the following, then you will not rank well on search engines, meaning you will have a hard time reaching a spot on page 1:

  • Slow to load when you first arrive on the website
  • Slow to load when you switch pages
  • Not mobile or tablet friendly
  • Not secure
  • Lacking the right keywords

Content Is King

Let’s discuss content writing. Even if you have the right keywords on your website, if you aren’t writing content relevant to those, then there is little to no point in having any of those keywords to begin with.

Another factor that determines your search engine ranking is how frequently you update your website. A static website signals to search engine crawlers that the website in question no longer offers value to visitors. To combat this, it is critical that you regularly update your website with fresh content. The best way to do this is by blogging for SEO. At the very least, you should blog twice a month, but 4 times a month is the preferred minimum.

This can turn out badly for some businesses if they write their content in a way that is meant to appease the algorithm. In truth, SEO algorithms spot these black hat SEO techniques and end up penalizing your website. It’s always best to write for human readers, not bot readers.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Is Fully Equipped To Expand Your Business With High-Quality SEO

Though SEO is not a once-and-done deal and takes some time to kick in, it is one of the most effective and sustainable tactics that you should incorporate in your Houston marketing strategy if you want to steadily expand your business. If you would like to get a spot on page 1 of Google and other search engines, then please contact us. We will gladly design and implement a custom marketing strategy for your business.

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Incorporating Display Ads In Your Houston Marketing Strategy

You may have heard about display ads and/or display advertising. In this article, we will talk about what display advertising is, different types of display advertisements, and how our Houston marketing agency can help you expand your business through a well-executed campaign.

What Is Display Advertising?

A display advertisement is a type of digital advertising that can appear across different websites, mobile and desktop applications, and search engines in the form of banners, videos, text, and even audio. The purpose of a display ad is to get a company’s message out to an audience in an attempt to increase brand awareness and achieve other business objectives, such as website visits, phone calls, and subscriptions.

Two Types Of Display Advertising

There are two main types of display ads that our Houston marketing agency implements on a regular basis: targeted and non-targeted display ads.

Targeted Display Ads

Targeted display advertisements are based on your target audience’s demographics. You may also choose to target consumers based on psychographics, which have been proven effective in a marketing strategy.

As a Google Partner, we specialize in implementing Google Ads campaigns. In fact, we prefer for businesses to advertise on GoogleAds because it allows them to target consumers based on their search history and web browsing behavior, which is the criteria used by us to determine who your active buyers are. 

Non-Targeted Display Ads

Compared to targeted ads, non-targeted display advertisements are very generalized and primarily intended to reach as wide an audience as possible for little cost. In this case, you may not specify who your audience is according to demographics and psychographics.

INFINI Marketing Executes Effective Display Ads For Houston Businesses

In order to implement an advertising campaign that actually works, different factors have to be considered, which is why we recommend you team up with a marketing agency. Our Houston marketing agency is a Google Partner and we’ve spent over $10 million on highly effective campaigns that generate qualified leads. We do so by keeping the following in mind:

  • Is your unique selling proposition clear on the landing page?
  • Is there a good call to action?
  • Is your ad matching the keywords you want/need?
  • Is your audience just right (not too broad, not too narrow)?
  • Is the ad placed in a relevant location?
  • Is the ad itself attractive?

If you would like to advertise your business in order to achieve certain goals, then please contact us so we can assess your needs and make the appropriate recommendations for a winning marketing strategy.

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How Your Houston Business Can Set Effective KPI's

In our previous marketing blog post, we explained what a KPI is and which ones you should measure. However, if you read our article, you will know that your KPI’s are highly customized to your business’s current marketing goals. In this article, we will dive into what your Houston business should consider when determining the right marketing KPI’s.

Determining Your Goals

Before you can properly determine what KPI’s to measure, you first need to figure out what marketing-related goals your business wants to achieve. Sure, your business may have multiple goals, but rather than overwhelming yourself with trying to achieve all of your goals at once, focus on just a small handful at a time. Remember that your KPI’s can and should be revised as you achieve these goals. 


For example, do you want to reach page 1 of Google by refreshing your website with new content? Would you like to see an increase in the amount of form fills you receive in a week? These are great starting points, but, much like how goals are best achieved when they are SMART goals, your KPI’s are best measured and most helpful to the expansion of your business when they are SMART as well.

A SMART KPI meets the following criteria:

  • Specific: Is it absolutely clear where you want to go with your KPI? Does it target a specific area of improvement?
  • Measurable: Can you quantify it with clear, available data so you can objectively evaluate its performance?
  • Attainable: Is your desired KPI something that is realistically achievable? Or is it a little far-fetched with your team’s current tools?
  • Relevant: Is the KPI truly relevant to what your business wishes to achieve? Will it be useful in determining how your company is currently performing?
  • Time-bound: Have you assigned a time frame in which your KPI must be measured and achieved?

Communicate Your KPI’s With Your Team

At the end of the day, a Key Performance Indicator is a tool that communicates the current state of your business, and your entire team needs to be on the same page in order to make the most of your KPI. As your marketing agency, our goal is to expand your business, and if you have specific marketing-related KPI’s in mind that will expand your business, then we need to be made aware of this and gather the information for you on a regular basis so we can consistently optimize your marketing strategy.

By communicating your SMART goals and KPI’s with us, we will be able to assist you in revising your KPI’s as your business grows. Your KPI’s will need to change as your business does because their entire purpose is to help guide you in achieving your marketing goals.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Is Here To Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by investing in a custom marketing strategy, then please contact us so we can develop the strategy you need in order to make this happen. We look forward to expanding your business, together!

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Can A Houston Business Change Its Logo And Keep Its Brand?

When it comes to aiming for the perfect logo design, it is completely possible to second guess it after some time has passed. This could be due to the fact that you have realized your true business identity or because you had a brilliant idea that you think will make your logo better. At this time, business owners ask us “Can I change my logo?” Here’s where our Houston marketing agency stands on the matter.

Can You Change Your Logo Design Years Down The Road?

In short, yes, you can. We even argue that you should. However, there is a right and wrong way to do so. Essentially, as long as you keep your brand’s core values, you are more than welcome to evolve your logo as your business evolves.

How To Keep Your Brand While Changing Your Logo

First things first, small businesses succeed when they know what they stand for (your brand), but knowing what they stand for may be hard to put into words. When this is hard to put into words, your target audience will have a hard time resonating with your business. In order to change your logo, you need to be clear about what your brand is. Our Houston marketing agency always discusses your branding before taking on any project, whether it’s website design, social media management, or any of our other Houston marketing services.

Questions To Keep In Mind When Redesigning Your Logo

When you hire INFINI Marketing to design a brand new logo, we ask the following questions:

How Long Have You Had Your Current Logo?

The longer you’ve had your logo, the more effort it will take to get it out to your current and future customers. A very young logo hasn’t had many viewers, so it’s easy to change it with little effort after.

How Often Have You Used Your Current Logo?

Similar to the previous question, the more often you’ve used your logo, the more effort will be required to share your new one.

Do You Have An Adequate Marketing Budget?

Are you noticing a pattern? The longer and more often you’ve showcased your logo, the more effort you will need to put into getting your new logo out there. It needs to be blasted on every type of collateral you have, over and over for an extended period of time until it sticks. In order to achieve this, you need to have an adequate budget.

Are You Rebranding Or Rebuilding?

Rebranding means you’re adjusting a few things in your identity, such as color, word choice, logos, website design, etc, but your company will keep the same beliefs and vision as always. Rebuilding, on the other hand, essentially requires you to start from square one, complete with a brand new vision, services, and products. A new logo design is appropriate in both cases, but a rebuild will require an even larger marketing budget so we can help you execute a winning marketing strategy.

Entrust A Top Houston Marketing Agency Like INFINI With Your New Logo Design

Brand new logo design is a major step in expanding your Houston business, so it’s important that your logo reflects who you are as a company. Our Houston marketing agency has an in-house graphic design team ready to upgrade your logo. Please contact us so we can give you a brand new logo you’re proud to show and update as your business grows.

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What Is A KPI And Which Ones Should Your Business Measure?

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator, which is a data point that provides insight on your Houston business or an activity your business attempts to execute. The KPI’s you decide to measure will be used to evaluate the success of your Houston business’s marketing strategy, so in this marketing blog, we will explain why KPI’s matter and which ones you should measure on a regular basis.

Why You Should Measure KPI’s

What makes Key Performance Indicators so valuable is the fact that the success of your Houston business’s marketing strategy lies within how these KPI’s affect your business.

By measuring certain KPI’s, you are able to tie them in with your business goals, which is an excellent way to ensure you reach them in a timely manner. Once your business starts achieving its goals, success and growth are near.

KPI’s Get Confused With Data Metrics

KPI’s and metrics are different, but they are cut from the same cloth. Both types of data tell you how your marketing strategy (and business) is performing, as well as whether or not you should change a certain facet of it. However, “Key” is the keyword here. A Key Performance Indicator is one that is critical to achieving a specific desired outcome, whereas metrics cover a wide range of data, some of which may not pertain to your company’s specific goals.

Which KPI’s Should You Measure

Deciding on your Key Performance Indicators is a crucial process and may require a brainstorming session with your team. Which data is considered a KPI depends on your goals, which suggests they may change over time. Some examples of objectives to set KPI’s for:

  • Increase how many of your email newsletter recipients click a link. You will want to measure and regularly check on your Click-Through-Rate (CTR).
  • Increase successful form fills that led to a point of contact. Your KPI in this case is your conversion rate.
  • Generate more leads with GoogleAds. You may want to measure your ROI to see how much it costs for X amount of viewers to become leads

Review How Our Custom Marketing Strategy Helps Your Houston Business Achieve Its Goals

Remember that while KPI’s are numbers that should be highlighted, you cannot just set them and forget them. You must regularly review your KPI’s so you can learn the story the numbers are trying to tell you. Our Houston marketing agency knows that this requires time and putting together reports. If you’re ready to see how your Houston business expands when we implement your custom marketing strategy, then please contact us so we can develop a custom marketing strategy with clear KPI's you wish to track. By evaluating your KPI's while executing your Houston marketing strategy, we will hold ourselves accountable and ensure we make necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy so you are on the continuous path to growth. 

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At INFINI Marketing, the team combines our talent and expertise in Branding, Technology, and Digital Marketing in order to help you expand your business. We ensure the strategy we develop for you is holistic and scalable so that as your business expands, your strategy can, as well.


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