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How Important Is Your Houston Business's Logo?

Your company’s logo is important, but we wouldn’t say it’s the most important part of your Houston business. However, we also don’t believe you should pay little mind to it. Picking your logo is certainly important, but it can be hard to understand how much thought must be put into it, so this post should help!

Three Reasons Why Your Logo Is Important And Should Be Well Thought-Out

These reasons are precisely why companies shouldn’t brush their logo under the rug.

1. Your Logo Symbolises Your Company

Your logo is the symbol of your business. When people see it, they should immediately think of your company. It helps make you memorable.

2. A Logo Serves As A Representation Of Your Business

Houston business owners should want their business to be represented in the best way possible. You may consider Houston web design or your social media marketing strategy as ways to ensure positive company representation, but the graphic design process for your logo is yet another way to paint a positive picture of your brand for your existing customers and future customers.

3. Your Logo Is one of the many building blocks of your company

Your logo, as well as the rest of your brand guidelines, sets the tone for your company as you continue to grow. 

Our Houston Graphic Designer's Logo Design Tips

Avoid Over-Thinking Your Logo

What exactly does over-thinking look like? Usually, when your company overthinks your logo, graphic design takes ages because nothing is “perfect” yet. We understand business owners wanting their logo to be perfect; after all, it will appear on your uniforms, vehicles (if required), business cards, website, social media, etc, but in all honesty, your logo is unlikely to achieve true perfection–and that's okay!

Don’t Dismiss The Importance Of Your Logo

While some companies overanalyze their logo design, others may be rather dismissive of it. Some logos try to say way too much with excessive colors, letters, or figures and others may not say enough by utilizing random color combinations that have no meaning.

Pay Just Enough Attention To Your Logo To Make It Relevant

Between not caring enough and caring too much, it can be difficult to finalize your logo, but the reality is that your logo doesn’t have to be perfect. From a Houston graphic design perspective, our Houston marketing agency recommends you simply decide on the basic elements of your logo, such as color scheme, font, etc. Over time, we can help you manipulate and stylize these elements to update your logo and demonstrate your growth, much like how Starbucks, Mailchimp, Balmain Paris, and other brands have done so. If you're in need of a logo that stands out, then please contact us so we can design your logo in a way that is professional, beautiful, and can be updated over time. 

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Customer Marketing: What Is It And Why Your Houston Business Should Do It

Customer marketing is a simple concept. It is much like a typical marketing strategy, but more. Now, don’t get us wrong–one isn’t better than the other. Both marketing strategies are fantastic and must be considered, but the best Houston marketing strategy is one that combines traditional marketing and digital marketing with customer marketing. This post will serve as an introduction to customer marketing by explaining what it is and why you as a Houston business owner should take advantage of it.

What Is Customer Marketing?

Customer marketing is essentially a Houston marketing strategy focused on retaining existing customers, as opposed to a traditional marketing strategy that is centered on generating new leads and converting them into customers. The line between a traditional marketing strategy and a customer marketing strategy can be blurred at times, but being fully aware of this distinction is the first step in implementing a winning strategy that sets you apart from the competition and expands your Houston business.

3 Reasons Your Houston Business Should Implement A Customer Marketing Strategy

1. Customer Retention Doesn’t Cost As Much As Customer Acquisition

According to Huify, it will cost you 5X more to acquire a new customer than it will cost you to retain a current customer. Further, customer marketing is a great way to focus on customer retention because if you increase retention by 5%, you can increase your company’s profits by 25-95%. 

2. Existing Customers Are The Gateway To New Customers

When you use your customer marketing strategy to remind your customers that you care about your relationship with them, then they will easily become raving fans. Fans post about you on social media and post their reviews about you. We recommend honing in on those reviews because 82% of consumers read them before checking a business out for the first time. With all the positive feedback, it’s easy for new customers to come to you!

3. Nurtured Customers Can Become Your Best Marketers

Although customers can’t do all of your marketing, they can certainly contribute to it with little to no cost. In addition to reviews and social media posts that speak highly of your brand, these occurrences also contribute to your local SEO ranking. As stated in our article about SEO Basics and FAQ, 97% of people learn about new businesses online more than they do anywhere else. 

Our Houston Marketing Agency Will Help Develop And Implement An Effective Customer Marketing Strategy That Will Expand Your Business

Customer marketing is a more affordable way to expand your business and it can be very rewarding! If you would like to incorporate customer marketing into your Houston marketing strategy, then please contact us so we can develop a customized strategy for your business, implement it, and offer guidance along the way. We look forward to helping you expand your business!

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3 Tips On How To Start Using Social Media Analytics To Improve Your Houston Business's Content Marketing Strategy

Content is king, and that applies to website content, email marketing content, and social media content. Social media was once meant as a way to interact with friends, but over time it became a highly valuable business tool. It can be hard to nail content, and it does take some trial and error, but social media analytics are a huge help. Here are just some of our tips on how to begin using your analytics so you can boost your Houston social media marketing strategy.

Tip 1: Create a Starter Analytics Report

To begin, choose the analytics you wish to focus on. Which analytics you choose will depend on what your business wants to achieve, but some common ones are new followers, impressions, and engagement. You may also consider the CTR from a post to a linked blog you wrote to boost local SEO since generating more traffic to your Houston website also helps improve your local Houston SEO ranking.

It's up to you how far back you wish to go in your social media metrics when generating your report, but 1-3 months is usually a good starting point. 

Tip 2: Interpreting The Data

Now that you have the analytics report on your current social media marketing strategy, it's time to actually interpret the data. Interpreting the data is what really matters, as this is how you draw conclusions on your performance. Analytics provide graphs that visually represent the numbers, so look for spikes or downward slopes and determine what content caused them. Although numbers are objective, getting the most out of your social media analytics will also require some subjective thinking. See which posts performed better than others and try to understand why that was the case. 

Tip 3: Set Goals

All the data collection in the world won't mean a thing if you aren't using it to meet your goals. After all, setting and achieving goals contribute to how a Houston business expands. 

Start by determining the foundation of your goals by using a calculator to figure out how each individual metric performs on average (monthly, quarterly, etc). This will be your point of reference. Next, set reasonable/realistic benchmarks based on this number and strive to meet or surpass this over a set timeline.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Will Help You Interpret Your Analytics And Devise A Custom Action Plan to Expand Your Business

Analytics may seem daunting, but our marketing experts will help you interpret and understand what the data is trying to tell you so we can continuously optimize your social media marketing strategy. Please contact us if you're ready to elevate your content marketing strategy and expand your business.

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An Introduction To Local SEO: What Is It And How Does It Benefit Your Houston Business?

We have previously discussed SEO strategy as part of a winning Houston marketing strategy, but aside from general SEO, there is also local Houston SEO. In this post, we will discuss what local SEO is and how it can help expand your Houston business.

What Is Local Houston SEO

In short, Local SEO is the practice and the process of boosting your Houston business’s (and its website) search engine visibility in your local geographic market. If you are a local business then you need local SEO.

How Houston Business Greatly Benefit From Local SEO

While we certainly encourage our clients to rank for traditional SEO, we also encourage them to think about local SEO, as this is a more targeted approach to increasing leads. Here are a couple of ways in which your business can benefit from a local Houston SEO strategy.

Traditional SEO Versus Local SEO

Both types of SEO will rely on a great website design that is set up for SEO success.

Traditional SEO is all about improving your Houston business’s visibility on a grand scale–typically on a national level and sometimes on a global level. Local Houston SEO, on the other hand, is all about improving visibility in your local geographic area. By focusing on local SEO, you are reaching the very customers who can walk through your doors on any given day. The potential customers who see your business in their Google search results tend to have far greater buyer intent, as they are specifically looking for a business like yours that is nearby. 

If this sounds challenging, then you will be relieved to know that it is far easier to optimize locally, but this isn’t to say that there is little-to-no strategy involved. In fact, even though it's easier to rank locally than it is to rank nationwide, you still have to work hard to set your Houston business apart from all of the other Houston businesses you compete against–you are simply competing on a smaller scale.

Google And Local SEO

Google helps introduce your target audience to your business. For example, when someone types “roof repair”, “pediatric dentist”, or “website designer” in a Google search, Google will take that as a signal that the individual is looking for someone nearby that they can speak with. Google will then present results of specific yet relevant places “near me” (i.e., the searcher). The only way to be recommended by Google in this way is to successfully rank for local SEO.

Want To Improve Your Local SEO Ranking? Let Our Google Partner Marketing Agency Help!

Now that you understand the importance of local SEO, please contact us if you determine it’s time to develop and implement a custom local Houston SEO strategy. We will gladly discuss your business goals and help get you to the top of Google search results.

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Elements That Make For An Impactful Houston Business Website

For just about any Houston business, impactful website design is often a key factor your potential customer considers when deciding whether to buy from you or your competition. These days, a great website must have the following elements:

Short Loading Time

Smartphones have long encouraged businesses to improve their website and better cater to their customers. Today, everyone expects a website to load really quickly. According to SEO marketer Neil Patel, a mere 1-second delay in loading time may result in a 7% decrease in conversion. As if that wasn’t bad enough, 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Houston SEO Compatibility

At our Houston marketing agency, we treat your website as the hub of your marketing strategy. Every other aspect of your Houston marketing strategy–including digital marketing, social media marketing, photography, video production, graphic design, Houston SEO, and Google Ads–HAS to circle back to your website. 

You must also drive organic traffic to your website, as this makes it rank better on Google search results, leading to even more traffic. When it comes to Houston SEO through web design, we ensure your metadata is correct, your content is SEO-friendly, and your website is mobile-optimized, as this also improves your SEO rank.

User-Focused Web Design

Many companies make the mistake of only talking about what they offer. Although this is important, you must ALWAYS tie your customers into what makes you better than the competition. In order to successfully do this, you must truly know your customer persona, write for them, and cater your web design to that persona. How would they behave on your site? What do they need to know? What are they struggling with? How will you optimize for conversions? These are all questions that should be addressed in how you execute your Houston web design and your content.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Can Revamp Your Website Design To Help Expand Your Business

Now that you know your website should load quickly, be Houston SEO-friendly, and be user-focused, it’s time to determine whether or not your website is being used at its full potential. If you would like to improve your web design so you can expand your business more effectively, please contact our marketing strategists so we can get started by discussing your goals and developing a custom marketing strategy to achieve them.

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