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The Right Way To Get More Leads For Your Houston Business

Lead generation is the name of the game in marketing and our Houston marketing agency has the necessary tools to help local businesses generate qualified leads that are more likely to convert. Although digital marketing offers a whole new realm of opportunity and better tools to convert more leads, getting those conversions starts with you as the business owner and is merely enhanced by digital means. In this article, we will share our secret to the right way to get more leads and improve your conversion rate.

The key to generating more leads and making them more likely to convert is by following the AIDA approach:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Although this applies to just about every marketing tactic out there, we will use Houston website design as our example.

Bring Attention To Your Houston Business’s Product/Service

If you want to generate leads and improve your conversion rate, then you need to first grab your target audience’s attention. Using our Houston web design example, your homepage must be attractive, as it's likely the first page your audience lands on. However, if you invest in our Houston SEO services, we'll be able to increase your website’s traffic and visibility from various webpages.

You can make your homepage attractive by strategically placing beautiful and high-quality imagery. In addition to videos and photos, you must ensure that your website is user-intuitive so that navigation is seamless. The layout must make sense and guide visitors in a way that feels natural.

Once You Capture Their Attention, Generate Their Interest 

Now that you have your audience’s attention, their interest is suddenly peaked, but you need to hold it as well. The best way to achieve this is by expanding on the brand message your homepage provides and letting visitors learn more.

Convert Their Interest In Your Business Into Their Desire To Become Your Customer

Ultimately, it is the business owner’s goal to make their audience want to purchase their product or service, so now it’s time to convert their interest into desire. When we execute Houston website design, we communicate to two types of visitors–those who like the big idea all at once and those who prefer to dive into the details right away. It's critical that you place engaging, valuable content across your website in order to give your visitors the desire to become your lead.

Inspire Action

You have to successfully grab your audience’s attention, hold their interest, and make them want more in order for them to complete an action, like filling out a contact form or making a phone call. If you fall short on the aforementioned steps, your audience will turn you away and go to a competitor instead!

INFINI Is Your Go-To Houston Marketing Company For Generating Qualified Leads

Whether you’re trying to execute a GoogleAds or Facebook Ads campaign, wish to improve your social media presence, or want a lead-generating website, our team is here to help! Please contact us if you’re ready to get more leads and improve conversions so we can assist in executing all of these steps while honoring your unique brand identity.

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Link Building Can Improve Your Houston SEO Rank

Implementing a Houston SEO strategy is a highly effective way to get more eyes on your business and generate leads. Your Houston business’s SEO rank can be improved in a number of ways and link building is one of them. In this article, our Houston marketing company will explain what link building is, why it is beneficial to your digital marketing strategy, and how we can use this tactic to improve your SEO rank on search engines like Google.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of “building” more inbound links in order to drive more traffic to various parts of your website. Inbound links are those that drive outside traffic (from other websites and platforms) directly to your website, but link building right on your website is also possible.

Why Is Link Building Helpful For Houston SEO

There are several reasons why link building has proven to give your Houston business a boost in its search engine ranking, including but not limited to the fact that:

Google Factors Links Into Your SEO Rank

Google is regularly refining its algorithm to ensure that only the best, most reputable businesses rank highly on its search engine, and how many links on the web point to your website is also factored into your ranking. Without any links pointing to your website, it will be pretty difficult to rank at all.

The More Links Your Website Has, The More Credibility Your Business Gains

How credible your Houston business is also plays an important role in how well your website ranks. 

When your website has plenty of inbound links, this suggests that outsiders respect and recognize your content enough to acknowledge it online as a credible source for information. For example, say a roofing company writes a blog post about how to deal with an emergency leak. Enough people could find the blog helpful and share it on social media, where it could be shared over and over. These “shares” will eventually augment and contribute to the company’s credibility, boosting its rank.

How Our Houston Marketing Agency Helps Our Clients Gain More Inbound Traffic

Link building can take place internally (within your website) and externally (from other websites). We generate more inbound links for our clients internally, and often through our Houston SEO blogging services. When you entrust our marketing agency with your blogging needs, we take the time to write fresh, valuable content and will incorporate links that point to your services pages, contact page, social media, and even previous blog posts when relevant. We'll also share your blogs on social media for optimal visibility.

Let Our Houston Marketing Agency Improve Your Houston SEO Rank With High-Quality Link Building

Link building–regardless of if it's done internally or externally–is a highly effective way of boosting your SEO rank and your brand’s credibility. However, excessive links can be seen as a black hat SEO technique, so it's critical that you seek reliable expertise when generating more inbound traffic. If you’re ready to level up your Houston SEO strategy with blogs, then please contact us. We would be glad to write blogs for you that are both unique and valuable while simultaneously generating more traffic to your website. 

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3 Marketing Myths That Hinder Your Houston Business's Growth

There are many myths that exist in the world of digital marketing simply because there are some misconceptions that reach different business owners. Unfortunately, believing in these myths is precisely what may be hindering the growth of your Houston business, so in this article, we will dispel three common myths/beliefs that we hear.

Myth #1: SEO Is An Outdated Marketing Tactic

About 10 years ago, SEO was all the rage and everyone did it, but over time we saw the demand in Houston SEO dwindle. This led many to believe that SEO became unnecessary, but in reality, search engines just finetuned their SEO algorithms so that only the best, most reputable businesses shine on page 1. This means that, if you want to be on page 1 of Google someday, you need to invest in your business's brand.

Today, not only is SEO ever-evolving to ensure that searchers are given high-quality search results, but local Houston SEO is taking this industry by storm. Local SEO is another branch of SEO that requires businesses to meet certain criteria, and we excel at helping our clients rank well on local search. 

Myth #2: Some Businesses Don’t Need To Be On Social Media

Unfortunately, small local businesses are more prone to falling victim to this way of thinking than larger corporations are. Social media is often seen as a place to post photos once a week, but there is actually a lot more to it that, if not taken advantage of, will put you far behind your competition.

The right social media marketing strategy is highly sophisticated and can be utilized to foster a community of loyal customers, increase brand awareness, and strengthen brand credibility–all of which are absolutely necessary if your Houston business is to survive.

Our Houston marketing agency can execute a social media advertising campaign that successfully generates more leads. We can also manage your posts for you in a way that honors your brand’s unique voice.

Myth #3: Retargeted Marketing Will Scare Your Potential Leads Away

Interestingly, there is actually some level of truth to this myth. If you use retargeting ads (sometimes referred to as "remarketing") incorrectly, your potential leads will most definitely feel like their privacy has been compromised and like all you want is their money, which immediately harms your brand’s image.

When done correctly, however, your audience is far more likely to keep your brand at the front of their minds and you will see impressive results.

Entrust Our Houston Marketing Agency To Design And Implement A Custom Digital Marketing Strategy That Sets Your Business Apart From Others

People’s lives are centered around the digital world these days, so businesses need to tap into this world. If you are ready for your business to reach new heights, then please contact us so we can learn about your goals and develop a winning marketing strategy. 

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What Your Houston Business Should Know About Facebook Ads

Today, social media is a part of our everyday personal lives, and as business owners, social media has become a major part of our professional lives as well, thanks to its impressive advertising capabilities. In this article, we will discuss some of the features that you need to know about Facebook Ads if you would like to incorporate it into your Houston marketing strategy.

For Some Business Owners, Facebook Ads May Be More Appealing Than Google Ads

Facebook boasts over 2.7 billion active users. This means there is tremendous potential in reaching your target audience, capturing leads, and driving them to your website where they will convert with a purchase.

Facebook Ads Let You Re-target Your Audience

Re-targeting is the concept of showing an advertisement to someone who went to your website and almost converted, but never did. The goal of re-targeted advertisements is to provide a promotional offer that is too good to pass up so you can get those leads to convert before losing them. This is especially helpful because when visitors see more of your ads, they are more likely to convert. With the right Facebook Ads criteria, our Houston marketing agency can help you get the most out of your leads at various stages in the purchasing process.

Facebook Ads Let You Hyper-Target Your Intended Audience

There are two kinds of info you may want to know about your audience:

  • Demographics: age, income, race/ethnicity, zip code, etc
  • Psychographics: hobbies, beliefs, interests, etc

Facebook is unique in that users’ interests are readily available. When setting up a Facebook Ads campaign, our Houston marketing agency will help you create an ideal buyer persona, complete with demographics and psychographics. This way, we can better cater your ads to your audience whom we know will resonate with your product/service and the brand image you uphold.

Facebook Ads Can Be Tailored A Number Of Ways

Facebook Ads offer plenty of useful analytics that help us determine how well certain ads are performing. Part of executing an effective marketing strategy has to do with testing and evaluating how different tactics perform. By monitoring the analytics for each Facebook Ad, we can regularly improve upon them to ensure you generate qualified leads.

Ready To Execute A Facebook Ads Campaign For Your Houston Business? Let INFINI Marketing Help!

We have implemented successful Facebook Ads campaigns for businesses in a variety of industries. If you’re ready to reach a wider audience through Facebook, then please contact us so we can assess your business’s needs and goals. We will be glad to generate more leads for you with effective Facebook Ads!

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3 Reasons Graphic Design Is A MUST For Your Houston Business

Graphic design is widely in demand, but many Houston business owners make the mistake of thinking that they can do just fine without investing in high-quality graphic design. As a full-service Houston marketing agency that offers graphic design services in addition to our other digital marketing services, we decided to offer 3 reasons why graphic design must be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

1: Graphic Design By Our Houston Marketing Agency Means You’ll Get A Professional Logo

Logo design is one of the most basic components of your Houston business that needs to be hashed out early on. Although your logo can evolve over time, it needs to make a good first impression, establish your brand’s credibility, and make your business recognizable. By entrusting a Houston marketing company like INFINI, you can rest assured that we will create a fully customized, vectorized logo for you that will be unique to your business and look beautiful in all sizes.

2: Graphic Design Elevates The Quality Of Your Houston Website Design

To us, Houston web design is the most important component of your marketing strategy because all of your efforts and tactics (social media, Houston SEO, Google and Facebook Ads, etc) must revert users back to your website in order to convert them.

Exceptional Houston web design is attractive, user-intuitive, and successfully communicates with readers who prefer summaries, as well as readers who prefer to know all the details at once. In order to achieve this, professional graphic design must be utilized and incorporated into the website. Without high-quality website design, the rest of your marketing strategy will be ineffective at generating qualified leads.

3: Professional Houston Graphic Design Is Helpful In Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook boasts over 2.7 billion active users, making it the social media platform of choice for social media advertising. Facebook has certain criteria that businesses need to meet if they want to launch a Facebook Ads campaign. Such criteria include limitations on text, which means the visuals have to be top-notch so they can get the message across. Further, because the purpose of advertising is to generate more leads with phone calls, appointment bookings, etc, the ads need to be appealing, and our professional graphic designers can achieve this for you while honoring your brand’s voice and image.

INFINI Marketing Offers Professional Graphic Design To Help Expand Your Houston Business

Graphic design is yet another facet of your marketing strategy that can help you expand your business by generating more leads and revenue. If you would like to elevate your business’s marketing strategy with powerful visuals, then please contact us so we can discuss your marketing goals, your brand, and your needs and design custom graphics for you.

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