Houston Marketing Client Highlight: Estek International is Helping Small Businesses Help the Economy

Houston Marketing Client Highlight: Estek International is Helping Small Businesses Help the Economy

Estek International is offering COVID-19 loan assistance to small businesses in all industries. In this troublesome time, business owners need to work especially hard to keep their businesses running, and sometimes the best way to do so is by seeking loans.

Loan Assistance During COVID-19

Now that the Senate has unanimously approved the $2 trillion Stimulus Package, the House is expected to pass the bill today. In the meantime, many people are already starting the tedious application process in order to obtain loans.

This is where Estek International comes in. Estek will help business owners determine which government programs are available to them. Additionally, their team will help ensure applications are thoroughly and accurately completed in order to get the most out of the programs.

Economic Crisis

The economy is cyclical, and although we're in a recession right now, we will turn it around. To do this, though, small businesses must first obtain the help they need. Because of the economy's cyclical nature, Estek would also like to offer their help in making sure business owners are prepared for future crises so they can get back on their feet.

Marketing Your Houston Business During a Crisis

The following tips may be useful if your business is still able to operate and offer services such as construction work, e-commerce, medical clinics, restaurants with takeout/delivery, etc.

1. Google Ads is demanded advertising. If no one is searching for your type of business, products, or services, then you won't be charged.

2. Less Competition, Cheaper Costs, and More Leads. During crises, businesses unfortunately shut down, fold, or stop marketing. The fewer advertisers there are, though, the fewer bids. Less bids equals lower cost per click and higher click volume.

3. Online Marketing is the only way to sustain or grow your business. With everyone staying at home, the internet is the best way to connect with your customers.

How to Apply for COVID-19 Loan Assistance

For more information on how you may receive help with loans, please visit Estek International's loan assistance website. To begin the loan assistance process, please fill out their form.

Why WIX is Great For Your Houston Start-Up Business

Why WIX is Great For Your Houston Start-Up Business

Over the last few years, WIX has become a powerhouse and a first-choice website builder for new and established businesses. Here is why it’s a great option for start-ups, as well as how it falls short in the long term.

Why WIX is Great For Houston Small Businesses and Start-Ups

#1 WIX Offers Many Stunning Layouts

WIX’s pride and joy is its constantly expanding template library. They have templates with modern layouts for all kinds of small businesses and start-ups, each of which looks professional, clean, and appealing to the eye. This is great when your Houston business is just starting out and you want to have a professional image right off the bat.

#2 You Can Optimize Your Website For Mobile Use

Today, optimizing your website for mobile visitors is essential. Not only does this make the user experience better, but it also strengthens your Houston brand. Implementing a mobile-friendly website can also help you increase your leads and therefore your chances of achieving more conversions. WIX automatically optimizes your website for mobile, so long as you keep your content within their page borders, but just to ensure you are happy with its appearance, the website builder gives you the option to further edit the mobile version.

#3 User-Friendly Houston Website Design

WIX’s layouts are stunning, but they are also customizable. If you don’t want to work off of their templates, you also have the option to start from a blank page. Either way, they implement a simple drag/drop method that allows you to drag and drop text boxes, images, videos, and more and customize them as you please. With WiX, building a website is a quick process that still allows you to reflect your brand.

How Does WIX Fall Short When it Comes to Houston Website Design?

#1 Layouts Are Hard to Change and They Perform Slowly

Once you select a layout, you’re stuck with it. You can change the content and design within it (to an extent) but for the most part, the template must remain the same. The only way to change it is by starting a brand new template and typing all the content in again. It does not allow for content migration from one WIXsite to another. Also, because of their simple drag/drop method, you miss out on a lot of features that you would otherwise enjoy with the help of code. Additionally, even if you are happy with the design and functionality of your website, WIX is very slow when it comes to mobile, especially if you have a fully-loaded website with animation, videos, images, and WIX applications. This can, in turn, decrease your user engagement and turn away potential leads.

#2 WIX Is Not Search Engine or Lead Tracking Savvy

Although WIX does offer some help with Houston SEO, it isn’t very sophisticated. INFINI is a Google Partner, so we know all the ins and outs of ranking well on search engines. WIX does not do a very good job of tracking your leads. INFINI, on the other hand, offers our Lead Intelligence Tracking (LIT) System so let business owners know where their potential customers are coming from.

Entrust INFINI to Give Your Houston Business an Upscale Website

While WIX is great for starting out, if you want your business to truly succeed you need a robust website platform. If you are in need of an upscale website, please contact us. We currently offer a state-of-the-art website with powerful Houston SEO and LIT system capabilities, and even more for just $999. We offer enterprise-level software for your local business so you can stand out and further grow your marketing strategy as we help you expand your business.

Interstitial Ads: What Are They and How to Incorporate Them In Your Houston Business Marketing Strategy

Interstitial Ads: What Are They and How to Incorporate Them In Your Houston Business Marketing Strategy

There are several kinds of advertisements placed on the Internet as part of the different digital marketing strategies that brands develop and execute. One of the less common types is the interstitial advertisement, which can be displayed on your Houston business website or in a mobile app.

What is an Interstitial Ad? 

An interstitial ad is similar to a pop-up type of ad, but unlike other pop-ups, they are designed to appear at natural pauses or breaks in what you are viewing. An interstitial ad is full-screen and it is usually interactive. You may run across an interstitial ad if you are playing a free game on your phone, where it will often show up on your screen every time you beat a level or complete an attempt in your mobile game. Many mobile game companies invest in this type of ad because it gives the viewer a chance to try playing right on the advertisement without the need to download it first.

How to Successfully Implement Interstitial Ads

Much like how practicing bad SEO leads to Google and other search engines penalizing you, the same can occur with the advertisements you choose to invest in and create. Interstitial ads are carefully monitored, especially on mobile because they are known for disrupting the user-experience. If you poorly execute your advertisement, then Google will penalize you and your customers may feel less inclined to trust you. Here are some helpful guidelines.

Think About Placement

It is best to place an interstitial ad only when there is some natural buffering or wait time on your mobile or desktop application (or website) while your audience is using it. This keeps users engaged and even entertained while they wait for the next of your content to load. Do not display the ad the second the user opens the app, and do not purposely create a wait time just for the sake of showing the user an ad. Placing them at any other time will disrupt the experience and there will be consequences. You may be flagged as spam, or your ad will no longer be shown.

Avoid Overexposure

We recommend you set a maximum for the number of times a user will see the same ad. This helps prevent ad fatigue, which means users will not become “numb” to your ads, therefore remaining engaged.

Ensure Preparedness

A delay in showing ads happens, but this can easily be fixed. Our Houston marketing strategists recommend pre-loading the ad content so the user sees it right when they need to, as opposed to waiting for the ad to show up. This also improves viewer engagement and experience.

Our Houston Marketing Strategists Will Expand Your Brand’s Reach

As a Google Partner, we are well-aware of the advertising guidelines Google sets. Our team ensures we keep up with any changes so your brand is well-represented. We can even improve upon your website design to make it interstitial ad-friendly. If you would like help implementing stunning ads that generate leads for your Houston business, then please contact our marketing strategists.

Debunking Some Common Marketing Myths

Debunking Some Common Marketing Myths

At our company, we live and breathe marketing, and we are certainly passionate about it and understand its importance. Unfortunately, though, marketing is misunderstood as an extra expense that isn’t required, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; marketing is a powerful force and its many facets are responsible for expanding your business. Here are some common myths that make Houston business owners question whether they can actually benefit from marketing at all.

Myth #1: SEO is Pointless These Days

About 10 years ago, SEO was all the rage and everyone did it, but then they stopped. Today, search engines have refined their algorithms and SEO is a bit trickier, but it's even more important than ever before in your marketing strategy because of its effect on your local business’s brand. Local SEO is how your target audience finds you, but because it is a more tedious process these days, only the best of the best local businesses perform well and survive for years to come.

Myth #2: Since Your Competition Doesn’t Have an Online Presence, You Don’t Need One Either

Unfortunately, local businesses are more prone to falling victim to this way of thinking. Social media marketing is a force to be reckoned with, as it serves a greater purpose than to post a photo a week. It is also a sophisticated means of advertising through hyper-targeted ads. 

Impactful website design also serves a greater purpose than to find contact information or learn about staff members. Not only does a thoughtfully designed website help potential customers learn more about you before doing business with you, but a well-made website serves as an anchor for your brand image and your SEO strategy.

People’s lives are centered around the digital world these days, so if neither you nor your competitors are active on the Internet, neither of you will attract new customers. If you do, however, develop a strong cyber-presence, you will have a massive competitive advantage over your competition, regardless of your industry. 

Myth #3: Bad Reviews Will Inevitably Hurt Your Business

Many feel pressured by bad reviews on forums such as Yelp, and while it is a good idea to pay attention to negative reviews, there is no need to let it sink your business or your brand. Instead, responding to negative reviews is a wonderful opportunity to continue strengthening your brand and learn how you can improve. It’s also a great way to win people over and build a reputation as a trustworthy option in the market. All of this helps drive customer loyalty, further strengthening your brand.

Work With a Reliable Houston Marketing Agency

This is no myth. Working with a reliable marketing agency that has demonstrated success will only help your business. If you would like to elevate your Houston business, then please contact us. We will happily develop a custom marketing strategy that successfully expands your business.

Expanding Your Houston Business - SEO Basics and FAQ (Part 2)

Expanding Your Houston Business - SEO Basics and FAQ (Part 2)

If you’ve read part one of our guide on SEO for local business owners, then this blog will be valuable as you continue to gain more insight on this key component of your Houston marketing strategy. Previously, we discussed what SEO is, what organic search is, and what is considered good SEO versus bad. This time, we will focus some attention on how SEO works and how it impacts your local Houston business. 

How Do Search Engines Find My Website?

Search engines, such as Google, utilize “bots” to find new websites and new content in a process known as “crawling”.

Crawling starts out by bots “fetching” some web pages. Through those web pages, they will follow the links and land on new URL’s. This is a fantastic way to find new websites so they can start ranking them and local businesses can begin to focus on elevating their SEO strategy.

When bots crawl your website, they are reading and analyzing the code and the content to gain an understanding of what the website is all about. Through crawling, bots will learn things like:

  1. What type of website you run
  2. What industry are you in
  3. Who your audience might be
  4. What keywords you wish to rank for

How Does My SEO Strategy Impact My Houston Business? 

Once the search engine bots have crawled your website, they will “index” it. This means they will store your website in their database so that, when someone completes a search, the bots will look to their index for any and all relevant content. In a matter of seconds, search engines will offer their findings and rank them according to relevance. The higher the rank, or position, of a search result, the greater relevance it has to the user’s query.


The ultimate goal of your SEO strategy is to not only be shown on the first page of search results, but to also be the first organic result. This lets users know you are a trusted, knowledgable source, which encourages them to learn more about you and, eventually, become a loyal customer. 


How visible your business is to your prospects and leads can either make or break a brand, which is why the key to a successful SEO strategy is putting forth the time and effort to regularly put out new content. Consistently creating content and updating your website signals to search engine bots that you have new, interesting, and relevant content and are therefore a valuable resource for users. This makes your website deserving of a higher rank.

Entrust INFINI Marketing’s Experts With Your Houston SEO Strategy

Bots crawling and indexing your website is crucial to your SEO and your brand because it gives your audience the feeling that you are both trustworthy and valuable, and these two traits only strengthen your brand. Following our stellar Houston website design, we will create content utilizing competitive keywords so that you can improve your search rank. If you would like to improve how you optimize for search, please contact us. As a Certified Google Partner, we will craft an SEO strategy that ensures your efforts are scalable so that as your business grows, your marketing strategy can grow with you.

INFINI Marketing - Houston Marketing

At INFINI Marketing, the team combines our talent and expertise in Branding, Technology, and Digital Marketing in order to help you expand your business. We ensure the strategy we develop for you is holistic and scalable so that as your business expands, your strategy can, as well.


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